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Matthew: 27
15At the festival season it was the Governor's custom to release one prisoner chosen by the people. 16There was then in custody a man of some notoriety, called Jesus [Some witnesses omit: Jesus.] Bar-Abbas. 17When they were assembled Pilate said to them, 'Which would you like me to release to you Jesus Bar-Abbas, or Jesus called Messiah?' 18For he knew that it was out of spite that they had brought Jesus before him.
19While Pilate was sitting in court a message came to him from his wife: 'Have nothing to do with that innocent man; I was much troubled on his account in my dreams last night.'
20Meanwhile the chief priests and elders had persuaded the crowd to ask for the release of Bar-Abbas and to have Jesus put to death. 21So when the Governor asked, 'Which of the two do you wish me to release to you?', they said, 'Bar-Abbas.' 22'Then what am I to do with Jesus called Messiah?' asked Pilate; and with one voice they answered, 'Crucify him!' 23'Why, what harm has he done?' Pilate asked; but they shouted all the louder, 'Crucify him!'
24Pilate could see that nothing was being gained, and a riot was starting; so he took water and washed his hands in full view of the people, saying, 'My hands are clean of this man's blood; see to that yourselves.' 25And with one voice the people cried, 'His blood be on us, and on our children.' 26He then released Bar-Abbas to them; but he had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.

Mark: 15
6At the festival season the Governor used to release one prisoner at the people's request. 7As it happened, the man known as Barabbas was then in custody with the rebels who had committed murder in the rising. 8When the crowd appeared [Some witnesses read: shouted.] asking for the usual favour, 9Pilate replied, 'Do you wish me to release for you the king of the Jews?' 10For he knew it was out of spite that they had brought Jesus before him. 11But the chief priests incited the crowd to ask him to release Barabbas rather than Jesus. 12Pilate spoke to them again: 'Then what shall I do with the man you call king of the Jews?' 13They shouted back, 'Crucify him!' 14'Why, what harm has he done?' Pilate asked. They shouted all the louder, 'Crucify him!' 15So Pilate, in his desire to satisfy the mob, released Barabbas to them; and he had Jesus flogged and handed him over to be crucified.

Luke: 23
13Pilate now called together the chief priests, councillors, and people, 14and said to them, 'You brought this man before me on a charge of subversion. But, as you see, I have myself examined him in your presence and found nothing in him to support your charges. 15No more did Herod, for he has referred him back to us. Clearly he has done nothing to deserve death. 16I therefore propose to let him off with a flogging.' 17[Some manuscripts read: At festival time he was obliged to release one person for them; 18 and now ... ] 18But there is was a general outcry, 'Away with him! Give us Barabbas.' 19(This man had been put in prison for a rising that had taken place in the city, and for murder.) 20Pilate addressed them again, in his desire to release Jesus, 21but they shouted back, 'Crucify him, crucify him!' 22For the third time he spoke to them: 'Why, what wrong has he done? I have not found him guilty of any capital offence. I will therefore let him off with a flogging.' 23But they insisted on their demand, shouting that Jesus should be crucified. Their shouts prevailed 24and Pilate decided that they should have their way. 25He released the man they asked for, the man who had been put in prison for insurrection and murder, and gave Jesus up to their will.

John: 18
39But you have a custom that I release one prisoner for you at Passover. Would you like me to release the king of the Jews?' 40Again the clamour rose: 'Not him; we want Barabbas!' (Barabbas was a bandit.)
1Pilate now took Jesus and had him flogged; 2and the soldiers plaited a crown of thorns and placed it on his head, and robed him in a purple cloak. 3Then time after time they came up to him, crying, 'Hail, King of the Jews!', and struck him on the face.
4Once more Pilate came out and said to the Jews, 'Here he is; I am bringing him out to let you know that I find no case against him'; 5and Jesus came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple cloak. 'Behold the Man!' said Pilate. 6The chief priests and their henchmen saw him and shouted, 'Crucify! crucify!' 'Take him and crucify him yourselves,' said Pilate; 'for my pan I find no case against him.' 7The Jews answered, 'We have a law; and by that law he ought to die, because he has claimed to be Son of God.'
8When Pilate heard that, he was more afraid than ever, 9and going back into his headquarters he asked Jesus, 'Where have you come from?' But Jesus gave him no answer. 10'Do you refuse to speak to me?' said Pilate. 'Surely you know that I have authority to release you, and I have authority to crucify you?' 11'You would have no authority at all over me', Jesus replied, 'if it had not been granted you from above; and therefore the deeper guilt lies with the man who handed me over to you.'
12From that moment Pilate tried hard to release him; but the Jews kept shouting, 'If you let this man go, you are no friend to Caesar; any man who claims to be a king is defying Caesar.' 13When Pilate heard what they were saying, he brought Jesus out and took his seat on the tribunal at the place known as 'The Pavement' ('Gabbatha' in the language of the Jews). 14It was the eve of Passover, [Or: It was Friday in Passover.] about noon. Pilate said to the Jews, 'Here is your king.' 15They shouted, 'Away with him! Away with him! Crucify him!' 'Crucify your king?' said Pilate. 'We have no king but Caesar', the Jews replied. 16Then at last, to satisfy them, he handed Jesus over to be crucified.

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The katapi New Study Bible Synopsis of the Gospels is based upon the headings displayed in the New Study Bible reference table which in turn follows the headings printed in the United Bible Societies' New Testament in Greek. These sections are more useful for bible study. Columns are arranged so that the first column is your chosen heading from the bible passage list (highlighted). The harmonies that follow across the web-page are then in the normally accepted order.
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