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Galatians by Passage


There is No Other GospelGa.1.6-10
How Paul Became an ApostleGa.1.11-24
Paul Accepted by the Other ApostlesGa.2.1-10
Jews, like Gentiles, are Saved by FaithGa.2.15-21
Law or FaithGa.3.1-14
The Law and the PromiseGa.3.15-20
Slaves and SonsGa.3.21-4.7
Paul's Concern for the GalatiansGa.4.8-20
The Allegory of Hagar and SarahGa.4.21-5.1
Christian FreedomGa.5.2-15
The Fruit of the Spirit and the Works of the FleshGa.5.16-26
Bear One Another's BurdensGa.6.1-10
Final Warning and BenedictionGa.6.11-18

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