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2 Corinthians by Passage


Paul's Thanksgiving after Affliction2Cor.1.3-11
Postponement of Paul's Visit2Cor.1.12-2.4
Forgiveness for the Offender2Cor.2.5-11
Paul's Anxiety and Relief2Cor.2.12-17
Ministers of the New Covenant2Cor.3.1-18
Treasure in Earthen Vessels2Cor.4.1-15
Living by Faith2Cor.4.16-5.10
The Ministry of Reconciliation2Cor.5.11-6.13
The Temple of the Living God2Cor.6.14-7.1
Paul's Joy at the Church's Repentence2Cor.7.2-16
Liberal Giving2Cor.8.1-15
Titus and His Companions2Cor.8.16-24
The Offering for the Saints2Cor.9.1-15
Paul Defends His Ministry2Cor.10.1-18
Paul and the False Apostles2Cor.11.1-15
Paul's Sufferings as an Apostle2Cor.11.16-33
Visions and Revelations2Cor.12.1-10
Paul's Concern for the Corinthian Church2Cor.12.11-21
Final Warnings and Greetings2Cor.13.1-13

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