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Luke: 14
25 Once when great crowds were accompanying him, he turned to them and said: 26 'If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, even his own life, he cannot be a disciple of mine. 27 No one who does not carry his cross and come with me can be a disciple of mine. 28 Would any of you think of building a tower without first sitting down and calculating the cost, to see whether he could afford to finish it? 29 Otherwise, if he has laid its foundation and then is not able to complete it, all the onlookers will laugh at him. 30 "There is the man", they will say, "who started to build and could not finish." 31 Or what king will march to battle against another king, without first sitting down to consider whether with ten thousand men he can face an enemy coming to meet him with twenty thousand? 32 If he cannot, then, long before the enemy approaches, he sends envoys, and asks for terms. 33 So also none of you can be a disciple of mine without taking leave of all his possessions.
Matthew: 10
37 'No man is worthy of me who cares more for father or mother than for me; no man is worthy of me who cares more for son or daughter; 38 no man is worthy of me who does not take up his cross and walk in my footsteps.

The most generally known harmonies of the Gospels are based upon the Huck-Lietzmann Synopsis (1936) of the three gospels and Sparks' Synopsis (1964) of four gospels.
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