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Mark: 15
16 Then the soldiers took him inside the courtyard (the Governor's headquarters) and called together the whole company. 17 They dressed him in purple, and having plaited a crown of thorns, placed it on his head. 18 Then they began to salute him with, 'Hail, is King of the Jews!' 19 They beat him about the head with a cane and spat upon him, and then knelt and paid mock homage to him. 20 When they had finished their mockery, they stripped him of the purple and dressed him in his own clothes.
Matthew: 27
27 PILATE'S SOLDIERS then took Jesus into the Governor's headquarters, where they collected the whole company round him. 28 First they stripped him and dressed him in a scarlet mantle; 29 and plaiting a crown of thorns they placed it on his head, with a cane in his right hand. Falling on their knees before him they jeered at him: 'Hail, King of the Jews!' 30 They spat on him, and used the cane to beat him about the head. 31 Finally, when the mockery was over, they took off the mantle and dressed him in his own clothes.
John: 19
2 and the soldiers plaited a crown of thorns and placed it on his head, and robed him in a purple cloak. 3 Then time after time they came up to him, crying, 'Hail, King of the Jews!', and struck him on the face.

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