Gospel Passages: Eusebian e-Canon Table
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Book of Kells: A page of the Eusebian Canons (upper section).

Passage || Synoptic 1 2 3 4 5
The Testimony of John the BaptistRSVJn.1.19-28 Mt.3.1-12 Mk.1.1-8 Lk.3.1-9
- I am the voice of one crying in the wildernessRSVJn.1.23 Is.40.3
- you will see heaven openedRSVJn.1.51 Dn.7.13
- Zeal for thy house will consume meRSVJn.2.17 Ps.69.9
The Healing of the Official's SonRSVJn.4.43-54 Mt.8.5-13 Lk.7.1-10
The Feeding of the Five ThousandRSVJn.6.1-14 Mt.14.13-21 Mk.6.30-44 Lk.9.10-17
Walking on the WaterRSVJn.6.16-21 Mt.14.22-27 Mk.6.45-52
- Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness - as it is written, 'He gave them bread from heavenRSVJn.6.31 Ex.16.13-14 Ps.78.24
- And they shall all be taught by God Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes toRSVJn.6.45 Is.54.13 Jr.31.33
- I said, you are gods?RSVJn.10.34 Ps.82.6
The Plot to Kill JesusRSVJn.11.45-53 Mt.26.1-5 Mk.14.1-2 Lk.22.1-2
The Anointing at BethanyRSVJn.12.1-8 Mt.26.6-13 Mk.14.3-9
The Triumphal Entry into JerusalemRSVJn.12.12-19 Mt.21.1-11 Mk.11.1-11 Lk.19.28-38
- Hosanna! Blessed is he who comesRSVJn.12.13 Ps.118.25-26 Zch.9.9
- Lord, who has believed our reportRSVJn.12.38 Is.53.1
- see with their eyes and perceive with their heartRSVJn.12.40 Is.6.9-10
- 'He who ate my bread has lifted his heel against meRSVJn.13.18 Ps.41.9
Jesus Foretells His BetrayalRSVJn.13.21-30 Mt.26.20-25 Mk.14.17021 Lk.22.21-23
Peter's Denial ForetoldRSVJn.13.36-38 Mt.26.31-35 Mk.14.27-31 Lk.22.31-34
- They hated me without a causeRSVJn.15.25 Ps.35.19 Ps.69.4
The Betrayal and Arrest of JesusRSVJn.18.1-11 Mt.26.47-56 Mk.14.43-50 Lk.22.47-53
Jesus before the CouncilRSVJn.18.12-14 Mt.26.57-68 Mk.14.53-65 Lk.22.54-55 Jn.18.19-24
Peter's Denial of JesusRSVJn.18.15-18 Mt.26.69-75 Mk.14.66-72 Lk.22.56-62 Jn.18.25-27
The High Priest Questions JesusRSVJn.18.19-24 Mt.26.59-66 Mk.14.55-64 Lk.22.66-71
Peter Denies Jesus AgainRSVJn.18.25-27 Mt.26.71-75 Mk.14.69-72 Lk.22.58-62
Jesus before PilateRSVJn.18.28-38 Mt.27.1-2, 11-14 Mk.15.1-5 Lk.23.1-5
Jesus Sentenced to DieRSVJn.18.39-19.16 Mt.27.15-26 Mk.15.6-15 Lk.23.13-25
The Crucifixion of JesusRSVJn.19.17-27 Mt.27.32-44 Mk.15.21-32 Lk.23.26-43
The Death of JesusRSVJn.19.28-30 Mt.27.45-56 Mk.15.33-41 Lk.23.44-49
- Not a bone of him shall be brokenRSVJn.19.36 Ps.34.20 Ex.12.46 Nu.9.12
- They shall look on him whom they have piercedRSVJn.19.37 Zch.12.10
The Burial of JesusRSVJn.19.38-42 Mt.27.57-61 Mk.15.42-47 Lk.23.50-56
The Resurrection of JesusRSVJn.20.1-10 Mk.28.1-10 Mk.16.1-8 Lk.24.1-12
The Appearance of Jesus to Mary MagdaleneRSVJn.22.11-18 Mk.16.9-11
The Appearance of Jesus to the DisciplesRSVJn.20.19-23 Mt.28.16-20 Mk.16.14-18 Lk.24.36-49 Ac.1.6-8

Notes: This list is based loosely upon the layout of the Eusebian tables.
The passage references are as printed in the United Bible Societies 'New Testament in Greek', 1966.
The parallel passages have been arranged so that the passage references can be displayed in accordance with the general layout of the Eusebian tables.
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