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. Chapter 3.

Jesus Superior to Moses

1 Therefore, brothers in the family of God, who share a heavenly calling, think of the Apostle and High Priest of the religion we profess, [Or: of him whom we confess as God's Envoy and High Priest.] 2 [ Lv.12.7. ] who was faithful to God who appointed him. Moses also was faithful in God's household; 3 and Jesus, of whom I speak, has been deemed worthy of greater honour than Moses, as the founder of a house enjoys more honour than his household. 4 For every house has its founder; and the founder of all is God. 5 Moses, then, was faithful as a servitor in God's whole household; his task was to bear witness to the words that God would speak; 6 but Christ is faithful as a son, set over his household. And we are that household of his, if only we are fearless and keep our hope high.

A Rest for the People of God Ps.95.7-11

7 'TODAY', THEREFORE, as the Holy Spirit says—

12 See to it, brothers, that no one among you has the wicked, faithless heart of a deserter from the living God; 13 but day by day, while that word 'Today' still sounds in your ears, encourage one another, so that no one of you is made stubborn by the wiles of sin. 14 For we have become Christ's partners [Or: have been given a share in Christ.] if only we keep our original confidence firm to the end.

15 [ Ps.95.7-8. ] When Scripture says, 'Today if you hear his voice, do not grow stubborn as in those days of rebellion', 16 who, I ask, were those who heard and rebelled? All those, surely, whom Moses had led out of Egypt. 17 [ Lv.14.29. ] And with whom was God indignant for forty years? With those, surely, who had sinned, whose bodies lay where they fell in the desert. 18 [ Lv.14.22-23. ] And to whom did he vow that they should not enter his rest, if not to those who had refused to believe? 19 We perceive that it was unbelief which prevented their entering.

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