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. Chapter 2.

The Great Salvation

1 Thus we are bound to pay all the more heed to what we have been told, for fear of drifting from our course. 2 For if the word spoken through angels had such force that any transgression or disobedience met with due retribution, 3 what escape can there be for us if we ignore a deliverance so great? For this deliverance was first announced through the lips of the Lord himself; those who heard him confirmed it to us, 4 and God added his testimony by signs, by miracles, by manifold works of power, and by distributing the gifts of the Holy Spirit at his own will.

The Pioneer of Salvation

5 For it is not to angels that he has subjected the world to come, which is our theme. 6 [ Ps.8.5-7. ] But there is somewhere a solemn assurance which runs:

For in subjecting all things to him, he left nothing that is not subject. But in fact we do not yet see all things in subjection to man. 9 [ Php.2.8-9. ] In Jesus, however, we do see one who [Or: in subjection to him. But we see Jesus, who ...] for a short while was made lower than the angels, crowned now with glory and honour because he suffered death, so that, by God's gracious will, in tasting death he should stand [Some witnesses read: so that apart from God he should taste death ...] for us all.

10 It was clearly fitting that God for whom and through whom all things exist should, in bringing many sons to glory, make the leader who delivers them perfect through sufferings. 11 For a consecrating priest and those whom he consecrates are all of one stock, and that is why the Son does not shrink from calling men his brothers, 12 [ Ps.22.22. ] when he says, 'I will proclaim thy name to my brothers; in full assembly I will sing thy praise'; 13 [ Is.8.17, 2Sm.22.3, Is.8.18. ] and again, 'I will keep my trust fixed on him'; and again, 'Here am I, and the children whom God has given me.' 14 The children of a family share the same flesh and blood; and so he too shared ours, so that through death he might break the power of him who had death at his command, that is, the devil; 15 and might liberate those who, through fear of death, had all their lifetime been in servitude. 16 [ Is.41.8-9. ] It is not angels, mark you, that he takes to himself, but the sons of Abraham. 17 And therefore he had to be made like these brothers of his in every way, so that he might be merciful and faithful as their high priest before God, to expiate the sins of the people. 18 For since he himself has passed through the test of suffering, he is able to help those who are meeting their test now.

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