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. Chapter 2.

The Teaching of Sound Doctrine

1 For your own part, what you say must be in keeping with wholesome doctrine. 2 Let the older men know that they should be sober, high-principled, and temperate, sound in faith, in love, and in endurance. 3 The older women, similarly, should be reverent in their bearing, not scandal-mongers or slaves to strong drink; they must set a high standard, 4 and school the younger women to be loving wives and mothers, 5 temperate, chaste, and kind, busy at home, respecting the authority of their own husbands. Thus the Gospel will not be brought into disrepute.

6 Urge the younger men, similarly, to be temperate 7 in all things, and set them a good example yourself. In your teaching, you must show integrity and high principle, 8 and use wholesome speech to which none can take exception. This will shame any opponent, when he finds not a word to say to our discredit.

9 Tell slaves to respect their masters' authority in everything, and to comply with their demands without answering back; 10 not to pilfer, but to show themselves strictly honest and trustworthy; for in all such ways they will add lustre to the doctrine of God our Saviour.

11 For the grace of God has dawned upon the world with healing for all mankind; 12 and by it we are disciplined to renounce godless ways and worldly desires, and to live a life of temperance, honesty, and godliness in the present age, 13 looking forward to the happy fulfilment of our hope when the splendour of our great God and Saviour [Or: of the great God and our Saviour ...] Christ Jesus will appear. 14 He it is who sacrificed himself for us, to set us free from all wickedness and to make us a pure people marked out for his own, eager to do good.

15 These, then, are your themes; urge them and argue them. And speak with authority: let no one slight you.

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