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. Chapter 14.

Israel - The exiled will return.

1 The LORD will show compassion for Jacob and will once again make Israel his choice. He will settle them on their own soil, and strangers will come to join them and attach themselves to Jacob. 2 Many nations shall escort Israel to her place, and she shall employ them as slaves and slave-girls on the land of the LORD; she shall take her captors captive and rule over her task-masters.

The king of Babylonia in the world of the dead.

3 When the LORD gives you relief from your pain and your fears and from the cruel slavery laid upon you, 4 you will take up this song of derision over the king of Babylon:

God will destroy Babylon.

22 I will rise against them, says the LORD of Hosts; I will destroy the name of Babylon and what remains of her, her offspring and posterity, says the LORD; 23 I will make her a haunt of the bustard, a waste of fen, and sweep her with the besom of destruction. This is the very word of the LORD of Hosts.

God will destroy the Assyrians.

God will destroy the Philistines.

28 In the year that King Ahaz died this oracle came from God:

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