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Troas (See also wiki article Alexandria_Troas.)

TROAS - A city of Mysia on the NW. coast of Asia Minor. It was in the Roman province Asia. It was founded by Antigonus, and re-founded in 300 BC by Lysimachus, who named it Alexandria Troas. For a time, under the Seleucid kings of Syria, it gained its freedom, and began to mint its own coins (examples exist from 164 to 65 BC). Its freedom continued under Pergamene and afterwards, from 133 BC, under Roman rule. Augustus made it a Roman colony, and it became one of the greatest cities of NW. Asia. The Roman preference was partly explained by their belief in the early connexion between Troy and their own capital. This place was a regular port of call on coasting voyages between Macedonia and Asia. St. Paul, with Silas and Timothy, approached Troas from the Asian-Bithynian frontier near Dorylaeum or Cotiaeum (Ac.16.6-8). He did not preach in Mysia on the first visit, though the Western text at Ac.16.6 makes him do so. On his third journey Paul stopped at Troas after leaving Ephesus, as may be seen from 2 Co.2.12, and on the return journey left the ship at Troas to go on foot to Assos (Ac.20.5, 13). [Article: Dictionary of the Bible, J.Hastings, 2nd Ed., T&T.Clark, 1963 - A.So. - E.G.K.]