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katapi old and new testament chronology
NOTES: This chronological chart shows events in Palestine (the upper pair of timelines: DECADE-YEAR) against the background of events outside Palestine (the lower pair of timelines: YEAR - DECADE (Hidden)). For the New Testament, the early expansion of the church outwards from Jerusalem, as related in the Acts of the Apostles, has been continued in the upper pair of timelines for clarity. Timeline links open in a new window. This timeline layout is based upon the Jewish/Chistian timeline example authored by David Huynh at SIMILE Widgets. Copyright © Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Contributors 2006-2009 ~ Some rights reserved.
MOVING ABOUT the timelines: The default setting is 30 ce, the year of the Crucifixion/resurrection. Bible period links are provided at the top of the chart, and 100 year links at the bottom. The DECADE band at the top of the chart is an efficient way of dragging along the chart. There is no band linking for the crucial years 1-99 ce. because of a timeline design shortcoming, but you can double-click on any visible part of the DECADE band to move to that point. This, combined with the links mentioned, is the most efficient way for movements about the timelines.
SOURCES: from this website: Oesterley & Robinson's 'Introduction to the Old Testament', Oesterley's 'Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha', Robinson's 'Redating the New Testament' (I have used his early datings for the New Testament timeline), Grant's 'Historical Introduction to the New Testament' (for more generally accepted NT dating), occasionally McNeile's 'Introduction to the New Testament', 'Bible and Spade' by S L Caiger, the katapi NEW BIBLE ATLAS, and from the katapi NEW STUDY BIBLE - the Holy Bible, in the katapi SELECT-A-VERSION (default version RSV).
I have made extensive use of Wikipedia articles to supplement these books.
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