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Settlement: east of the Jordan. Dt.3.12-29

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3 DEUTERONOMIUM Deuteronomy - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Deuteronomy - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
12Terramque possedimus tempore illo ab Aroër, quæ est super ripam torrentis Arnon, usque ad mediam partem montis Galaad: et civitates illius dedi Ruben et Gad. And we weldiden in that tyme the lond, fro Aroer, which is on the brynke of the stronde of Arnon, til to the myddil paart of the hil of Galaad; and Y yaf the citees of hym to Ruben and Gad. And we possessed the land at that time from Aroer, which is upon the bank of the torrent Amen, unto the half of mount Galaad: and I gave the cities thereof to Ruben and Gad. Settlement: east of the Jordan. Dt.3.12-29 | Nu.32.1-42
13Reliquam autem partem Galaad, et omnem Basan regni Og, tradidi mediæ tribui Manasse, omnem regionem Argob: cunctaque Basan vocatur Terra gigantum. Forsothe Y yaf the tother part of Galaad, and al Basan, of the rewme of Og, to the half lynage of Manasses, and al the cuntrei of Argob. Al Basan was clepid the lond of giauntis. And I delivered the other part of Galaad, and all Basan the kingdom of Og to the half tribe of Manasses, all the country of Argob: and all Basan is called the Land of giants.  
14Jair filius Manasse possedit omnem regionem Argob usque ad terminos Gessuri et Machati. Vocavitque ex nomine suo Basan, Havoth Jair, id est, Villas Jair, usque in præsentem diem. Jair, sone of Manasses, weldide al the cuntrey of Argob, til to the lond of Gesuri and of Machati; and he clepide bi his name Basan Anothiair, that is, the townes of Jair, til in to present dai. Jair the son of Manasses possessed all the country of d Argob unto the borders of Gessuri, and Machati. And he called Basan by his own name, Havoth Jair, that is to say, the towns of Jair, until this present day.  
15Machir quoque dedi Galaad. Also Y yaf Galaad to Machir; and to the lynagis of Ruben and of Gad Y yaf the lond of Galaad, til to the strond of Arnon, the myddil of the stronde, To Machir also I gave Galaad.  
16Et tribubus Ruben et Gad dedi de terra Galaad usque ad torrentem Arnon medium torrentis, et confinium usque ad torrentem Jeboc, qui est terminus filiorum Ammon: and of the endis til to the stronde of Jeboth, which is the terme of the sones of Amon. And to the tribes of Ruben and Cad I gave of the land of Galaad as far as the torrent Amen, half the torrent, and the confines even unto the torrent Jeboc, which is the border of the children of Ammon:  
17et planitiem solitudinis, atque Jordanem, et terminos Cenereth usque ad mare deserti, quod est salsissimum, ad radices montis Phasga contra orientem. And Y yaf the pleyn of the wildernesse til to Jordan, and the termes of Cenereth til to the see of deseert, which see is moost salt, at the rotis of the hil of Phasga, ayens the eest. And the plain of the wilderness, and the Jordan, and the borders of Cenereth unto the sea of the desert, which is the most salt sea, to the foot of mount Phasga eastward.  
18Præcepique vobis in tempore illo, dicens: Dominus Deus vester dat vobis terram hanc in hæreditatem: expediti præcedite fratres vestros filios Israël omnes viri robusti, And Y comaundide to you in that tyme, and seide, Youre Lord God yyueth to you this lond in to erytage; And I commanded you at that time, saying: The Lord your God giveth you this land for an inheritance, go ye well appointed before your brethren the children of Israel, all the strong men of you,  
19absque uxoribus, et parvulis, atque jumentis. Novi enim quod plura habeatis pecora, et in urbibus remanere debebunt, quas tradidi vobis, alle ye stronge men, without wyues and litle children and beestis, be maad redi, and go ye bifor youre brithren, the sones of Israel. For Y knowe that ye han many beestis, and tho schulen dwelle in citees whiche Y yaf to you, Leaving your wives and children and cattle. For I know you have much cattle, and they must remain in the cities, which I have delivered to you.  
20donec requiem tribuat Dominus fratribus vestris, sicut vobis tribuit: et possideant ipsi etiam terram, quam daturus est eis trans Jordanem: tunc revertetur unusquisque in possessionem suam, quam dedi vobis. til the Lord yyue reste to youre brithren, as he yaf to you, and til thei also welden the lond which the Lord schal yyue to hem biyonde Jordan; thanne ech man schal turne ayen in to his possessioun which Y yaf to you. Until the Lord give rest to your brethren, as he hath given to you: and they also possess the land, which he will give them beyond the Jordan: then shall every man return to his possession, which I have given you.  
21Josue quoque in tempore illo præcepi, dicens: Oculi tui viderunt quæ fecit Dominus Deus vester duobus his regibus: sic faciet omnibus regnis, ad quæ transiturus es. Also Y comaundid to Josue in that tyme, and seide, Thin iyen sien what thingis youre Lord God dide to these twei kyngis; so he schal do to alle rewmes, to whiche thou schalt go; drede thou not hem. I commanded Josue also at that time, saying: Thy eyes have seen what the Lord your God hath done to these two kings: so will he do to all the king- dome to which thou shalt pass.  
22Ne timeas eos: Dominus enim Deus vester pugnabit pro vobis. And Y preiede the Lord in that tyme, Fear them not: for the Lord your God will fight for you.