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Appointment of Judges. Dt.1.9-18

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1 DEUTERONOMIUM Deuteronomy - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Deuteronomy - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
9Dixique vobis illo in tempore: And Y seide to you in that time, Y may not aloone susteyne you, for youre Lord God hath multiplied you, And I said to you at that time: Appointment of Judges. Dt.1.9-18 | Ex.18.13-27
10Non possum solus sustinere vos: quia Dominus Deus vester multiplicavit vos, et estis hodie sicut stellæ cæli, plurimi. and ye ben ful many to dai, as the sterris of heuene; I alone am not able to bear you: for the Lord your God hath multiplied you, and you are this day as the stars of heaven, for multitude.  
11(Dominus Deus patrum vestrorum addat ad hunc numerum multa millia, et benedicat vobis sicut locutus est.) the Lord God of youre fadris adde to this noumbre many thousyndis, and blesse you, as he spak. (The Lord God of your fathers add to this number many thousands, and bless you as he hath spoken.)  
12Non valeo solus negotia vestra sustinere, et pondus ac jurgia. Y may not aloone susteyne youre causis, and birthun, and stryues; yyue ye of you men wise in dyuyn thingis, I alone am not able to bear your business, and the charge of you and your differences.  
13Date ex vobis viros sapientes et gnaros, et quorum conversatio sit probata in tribubus vestris, ut ponam eos vobis principes. and witti in mennus thingis worthi to be don, whose conuersacioun is preued in youre lynagis, that Y sette hem princes to you. Let me have from among you wise and understanding men, and such whose conversation is approved among your tribes, that I may appoint them your rulers.  
14Tunc respondistis mihi: Bona res est, quam vis facere. Thanne ye answeriden to me, The thing is good which thou wolt do. Then you answered me: The thing is good which thou meanest to do.  
15Tulique de tribubus vestris viros sapientes et nobiles, et constitui eos principes, tribunos, et centuriones, et quinquagenarios ac decanos, qui docerent vos singula. And Y took of youre lynagis men wise and noble, in vertues and kyn; and Y ordeynede hem princis, tribunes, and centuryouns, and quynquagenaries, and denys, whiche schulden teche you all thingis. And I took out of your tribes men wise and honourable, and appointed them rulers, tribunes, and centurions, and officers over fifties, and over tens, who might teach you all things.  
16Præcepique eis, dicens: Audite illos, et quod justum est judicate: sive civis sit ille, sive peregrinus. And Y comaundide to hem, and seide, Here ye hem, and deme ye that that is iust, whether he be a citeseyn, whether a pilgrym. And I commanded them, saying: Hear them, and judge that which is just: whether he be one of your country, or a stranger.  
17Nulla erit distantia personarum: ita parvum audietis ut magnum, nec accipietis cujusquam personam, quia Dei judicium est. Quod si difficile vobis visum aliquid fuerit, referte ad me, et egoaudiam. No difference schal be of persones; ye schulen here so a litil man, that is, pore, as a greet man, nether ye schulen take the persoone of ony man, for it is the doom of God. That if ony thing semeth hard to you, telle ye to me, and Y schal here. There shall be no difference of persons, you shall hear the little as well as the great: neither shall you respect any man's person, because it is the judgment of God. And if any thing seem hard to you, refer it to me, and I will hear it.  
18Præcepique omnia quæ facere deberetis. And Y comaundide alle thingis whiche ye ouyten to do. And I commanded you all things that you were to do.