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The Shekinah. Ex.40.34-38

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40 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
40 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
28Labrum quoque statuit inter tabernaculum testimonii et altare, implens illud aqua. Also he ordeynede the waischyng vessel, bitwixe the tabernacle of witnessyng and the auter, and fillide it with watir. And he set the laver between the tabernacle of the testimony and the altar, filling it with water. The Shekinah. Ex.40.34-38 | Nu.9.15-23
29Laveruntque Moyses et Aaron ac filii ejus manus suas et pedes, And Moises, and Aaron, and his sones, waischiden her hondis and feet, And Moses and Aaron, and his sons washed their hands and feet,  
30cum ingrederentur tectum fœderis, et accederent ad altare, sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi. whanne thei entriden into the roof of boond of pees, and neiyeden to the auter, as the Lord comaundide to Moises. When they went into the tabernacle of the covenant, and went to the altar, as the Lord had commanded Moses.  
31Erexit et atrium per gyrum tabernaculi et altaris, ducto in introitu ejus tentorio. Postquam omnia perfecta sunt, He reiside also the greet street, bi the cumpas of the tabernacle and of the auter, and settyde a tente in the entryng therof. Aftir that alle thingis weren perfitli maad, He set up also the court round about the tabernacle and the altar, drawing the hanging in the entry thereof. After all things were perfected,  
32operuit nubes tabernaculum testimonii, et gloria Domini implevit illud. a cloude hilide the tabernacle of witnessyng, and the glorie of the Lord fillide it; The cloud covered the tabernacle of the testimony, and the glory of the Lord filled it.  
34Siquando nubes tabernaculum deserebat, proficiscebantur filii Israël per turmas suas: If ony tyme the cloude lefte the tabernacle, the sones of Israel yeden forth bi her cumpanyes; If at any time the cloud removed from the tabernacle, the children of Israel went forward by their troops: The Shekinah. Ex.40.34-38 | Nu.9.15-23
35si pendebat desuper, manebant in eodem loco. if the cloude hangide aboue, thei dwelliden in the same place; If it hung over, they remained in the same place.  
36Nubes quippe Domini incubabat per diem tabernaculo, et ignis in nocte, videntibus cunctis populis Israël per cunctas mansiones suas. for the cloude of the Lord restide on the tabernacle bi dai, and fier in the nyyt, in the siyt of the puplis of Israel, bi alle her dwellyngis. For the cloud of the Lord hung over the tabernacle by day, and a fire by night, in the sight of all the children of Israel throughout all their mansions.