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The Tabernacle enclosure. Ex.38.9-20

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37 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
7Duos etiam cherubim ex auro ductili, quos posuit ex utraque parte propitiatorii: Also he made twei cherubyns of gold, betun out with hamer, whiche he settide on euer eithir side of the propiciatorie, Two cherubims also of beaten gold, which he set on the two sides of the propitiatory: The Tabernacle enclosure. Ex.38.9-20 | Ex.27.9-19
8cherub unum in summitate unius partis, et cherub alterum in summitate partis alterius: duos cherubim in singulis summitatibus propitiatorii, o cherub in the hiynesse of o part, and the tother cherub in the hiynesse of the tothir part; twei cherubyns, oon in ech hiynesse of the propiciatorie, stretchynge out the wengis, One cherub in the top of one side, and the other cherub in the top of the other side: two cherubims at the two ends of the propitiatory,  
9extendentes alas, et tegentes propitiatorium, seque mutuo et illud respicientes. and hilynge the propiciatorie, and biholdynge hem silf togidere and that. Spreading their wings, and covering the propitiatory, and looking one towards the other, and towards it.  
10Fecit et mensam de lignis setim in longitudine duorum cubitorum, et in latitudine unius cubiti, quæ habebat in altitudine cubitum ac semissem. He made also a boord of the trees of Sechym, in the lengthe of twey cubitis, and in the breede of o cubit, whiche boord hadde a cubit and an half in heiythe. He made also the table of setim wood, in length two cubits, and in breadth one cubit, and in height it was a cubit and a half.  
11Circumdeditque eam auro mundissimo, et fecit illi labium aureum per gyrum, And he cumpaside the boord with clenneste gold, and made to it a goldun brynke bi cumpas; And he overlaid it with the finest gold, and he made to it a golden ledge round about.  
12ipsique labio coronam auream interrasilem quatuor digitorum, et super eamdem, alteram coronam auream. and he made to that brynke a goldun coroun, rasid bitwixe of foure fyngris; and on the same coroun he made anothir goldun coroun. And to the ledge itself he made a polished crown of gold, of four fingers' breadth, and upon the same another golden crown.  
13Fudit et quatuor circulos aureos, quos posuit in quatuor angulis per singulos pedes mensæ Also he yetide foure goldun serclis whiche he settide in foure corneris, And he cast four rings of gold, which he put in the four corners at each foot of the table,  
14contra coronam: misitque in eos vectes, ut possit mensa portari. bi alle the feet of the boord ayens the coroun, and he puttide barris in to the serclis, that the boord may be borun. Over against the crown: and he put the bars into them, that the table might be carried.  
15Ipsos quoque vectes fecit de lignis setim, et circumdedit eos auro. And he made tho barris of the trees of Sechym, and cumpasside tho with gold. And the bars also themselves he made of setim wood, and overlaid them with gold,  
16Et vasa ad diversos usus mensæ, acetabula, phialas, et cyathos, et thuribula, ex auro puro, in quibus offerenda sunt libamina. And he made vesselis to dyuerse vsis of the boord, vessels of vynegre, violis, and litle cuppis, and censeris of pure gold, in whiche the fletynge sacrifices schulen be offrid. And the vessels for the divers uses of the table, dishes, bowls, and cups, and censers of pure gold, wherein the libations are to be offered.  
17Fecit et candelabrum ductile de auro mundissimo, de cujus vecte calami, scyphi, sphærulæque, ac lilia procedebant: And he made a candilstike, betun out with hamer, of clenneste gold, of whos barre yerdis, cuppis, and litle rundelis and lilies camen forth; He made also the candlestick of beaten work of the finest gold. From the shaft whereof its branches, its cups, and bowls, and lilies came out:  
18sex in utroque latere, tres calami ex parte una, et tres ex altera: sixe in euer eithir side, thre yerdis on o side, and thre on the tother side; thre cuppis in the maner of a note bi ech yerde, and litle rundels to gidere, and lilies; Six on the two sides: three branches on one side, and three on the other.