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Making the Ark of the Covenant. Ex.37.1-9

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38 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Fecit et altare holocausti de lignis setim, quinque cubitorum per quadrum, et trium in altitudine: He made also the auter of brent sacrifice of the trees of Sechym, of fyue cubitis bi square, and of thre cubitis in heiythe; He made also the altar of holocaust of setim wood, five cubits square, and three in height: Making the Ark of the Covenant. Ex.37.1-9 | Ex.25.10-22
2cujus cornua de angulis procedebant, operuitque illum laminis æneis. whose hornes camen forth of the corneris, and he hilide it with platis of bras. The horns whereof went out from the corners, and he overlaid it with plates of brass.  
3Et in usus ejus paravit ex ære vasa diversa, lebetes, forcipes, fuscinulas, uncinos, et ignium receptacula. And in to vsis therof he made redi of bras dyuerse vessels, caudruns, tongis, fleischhokis, hokis, and resseittis of firis. And for the uses thereof, he prepared divers vessels of brass, cauldrons, tongs, fleshhooks, pothooks, and firepans.  
4Craticulamque ejus in modum retis fecit æneam, et subter eam in altaris medio arulam, He made also the brasun gridile therof, bi the maner of a net, and a panne for colis vndur it, in the myddis of the auter. And he made the grate thereof of brass, in manner of a net, and under it in the midst of the altar a hearth,  
5fusis quatuor annulis per totidem retiaculi summitates, ad immittendos vectes ad portandum: And he yetide foure ryngis, by so many endis of the gridile, to putte in the barris to bere; Casting four rings at the four ends of the net at the top, to put in bars to carry it.  
7induxitque in circulos, qui in lateribus altaris eminebant. Ipsum autem altare non erat solidum, sed cavum ex tabulis, et intus vacuum. And ledde in to the serclis that stonden forth in the sidis of the auter. Forsothe thilke auter was not sad, but holowe of the bildyngis of tablis, and voide with ynne. And he drew them through the rings that stood out in the sides of the altar. And the altar itself was not solid, but hollow, of boards, and empty within.  
8Fecit et labrum æneum cum basi sua de speculis mulierum, quæ excubabant in ostio tabernaculi. He made also a greet waischyng vessel of bras, with his foundement, of the myrours of wymmen that wakiden in the greet street of the tabernacle. He made also the laver of brass, with the foot thereof, of the mirrors of the women that watch at the door of the tabernacle.