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The Altar of Incense. Ex.30.1-10

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30 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Facies quoque altare ad adolendum thymiama, de lignis setim, Also thou schalt make an auter of the trees of Sechym, to brenne encense; Thou shalt make also an altar to burn incense, of setim wood. The Altar of Incense. Ex.30.1-10 | Ex.37.25-28
2habens cubitum longitudinis, et alterum latitudinis, id est, quadrangulum, et duos cubitos in altitudine. Cornua ex ipso procedent. and the auter schal haue a cubit of lengthe, and another cubit of brede, that is foure cornerid, and twei cubitis in heiythe; corneris schulen come forth of the auter. It shall be a cubit in length, and another in breadth, that is, foursquare, and two in height. Horns shall go out of the same.  
3Vestiesque illud auro purissimo, tam craticulam ejus, quam parietes per circuitum, et cornua. Faciesque ei coronam aureolam per gyrum, And thou schalt clothe it with clennest gold, as wel the gridil therof, as the wallis and corneris bi cumpas therof; and thou schalt make to the auter a litil goldun coroun, And thou shalt overlay it with the purest gold, as well as the grate thereof, as the walls round about and the horns. And thou shalt make to it a crown of gold round about,  
4et duos annulos aureos sub corona per singula latera, ut mittantur in eos vectes, et altare portetur. bi cumpas, and twei goldun serclis vndur the coroun by alle sidis, that barris be put in to the serclis, and the auter be borun. And two golden rings under the crown on either side, that the bars may be put into them, and the altar be carried.  
5Ipsos quoque vectes facies de lignis setim, et inaurabis. Also thou schalt make tho barris of the trees of Sechym, and thou schalt ouergilde; And thou shalt make the bars also of setim wood, and shalt overlay them with gold.