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The Altar. Ex.27.1-8

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27 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Facies et altare de lignis setim, quod habebit quinque cubitus in longitudine, et totidem in latitudine, id est, quadrum, et tres cubitos in altitudine. Also thou schalt make an auter of the trees of Sechym, which schal haue fyue cubitis in lengthe, and so many in brede, that is, sqware, and thre cubitis in heiythe. Thou shalt make also an altar of setim wood, which shall be five cubits long and as many broad, that is, foursquare, and three cubits high. The Altar. Ex.27.1-8 | Ex.38.1-7
2Cornua autem per quatuor angulos ex ipso erunt: et operies illud ære. Forsothe hornes schulen be bi foure corneris therof; and thou schalt hile it with bras. And there shall be horns at the four corners of the same: and thou shalt cover it with brass.  
3Faciesque in usus ejus lebetes ad suscipiendos cineres, et forcipes atque fuscinulas, et ignium receptacula; omnia vasa ex ære fabricabis. And thou schalt make in to the vsis of the auter pannes, to resseyue aischis, and tongis, and fleisch hookis, and resettis of fyris; thou schalt make alle vessilis of bras. And thou shalt make for the uses thereof pans to receive the ashes, and tongs and fleshhooks, and firepans: all its vessels thou shalt make of brass.  
4Craticulamque in modum retis æneam: per cujus quatuor angulos erunt quatuor annuli ænei. And thou schalt make a brasun gridele in the maner of a net, and bi four corneris therof schulen be foure brasun ryngis, And a grate of brass in manner of a net: at the four corners of which shall be four rings of brass,  
5Quos pones subter arulam altaris: eritque craticula usque ad altaris medium. whiche thou schalt putte vndur the yrun panne of the auter; and the gridele schal be til to the myddis of the auter. Which thou shalt put under the hearth of the altar: and the grate shall be even to the midst of the altar.  
6Facies et vectes altaris de lignis setim duos, quos operies laminis æneis: And thou schalt make twey barris of the auter, of the trees of Sechym, whiche barris thou schalt hile with platis of bras; Thou shalt make also two bars for the altar of setim wood, which thou shalt cover with plates of brass:  
7et induces per circulos, eruntque ex utroque latere altaris ad portandum. and thou schalt lede yn the barris bi the cerclis, and tho schulen be on euer eithir side of the auter, to bere. And thou shalt draw them through rings, and they shall be on both sides of the altar to carry it.  
8Non solidum, sed inane et cavum intrinsecus facies illud, sicut tibi in monte monstratum est. Thou schalt make that auter not massif, but voide, and holowe with ynne, as it was schewid to thee in the hil. Thou shalt not make it solid, but empty and hollow in the inside, as it was shewn thee in the mount.