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The lamp-stand. Ex.25.31-40

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25 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
30Et pones super mensam panes propositionis in conspectu meo semper. And thou schalt sette on the boord looues of proposicioun, in my siyt euere. And thou shalt set upon the table loaves of proposition in my sight always. The lamp-stand. Ex.25.31-40 | Ex.37.17-24
31Facies et candelabrum ductile de auro mundissimo, hastile ejus, et calamos, scyphos, et sphærulas, ac lilia ex ipso procedentia. And thou schalt make a candilstike betun forth with hamer, of clenneste gold, and thou schalt make the schaft therof, and yerdis, cuppis, and litle rundelis, and lilies comynge forth therof. Thou shalt make also a candlestick of beaten work of the finest gold, the shaft thereof, and the branches, the cups, and the bowls, and the lilies going forth from it.  
32Sex calami egredientur de lateribus, tres ex uno latere, et tres ex altero. Sixe yerdis schulen go out of the sidis, thre of o side, and thre of the tother. Six branches shall come out of the sides, three out of the one side, and three out of the other.  
33Tres scyphi quasi in nucis modum per calamos singulos, sphærulaque simul, et lilium: et tres similiter scyphi instar nucis in calamo altero, sphærulaque simul et lilium. Hoc erit opus sex calamorum, qui producendi sunt de hastili: Thre cuppis as in the maner of a note bi ech yerde, and litle rundelis to gidere, and a lilie, and in lijk maner thre cuppis at the licnesse of a note in the tother, and litle rundelis togidere, and a lilie; this schal be the werk of sixe yerdis, that schulen be brouyt forth of the schaft. Three cups as it were nuts to every branch, and a bowl withal, and a lily; and three cups, likewise of the fashion of nuts in the other branch, and a bowl withal, and a lily. Such shall be the work of the six branches, that are to come out from the shaft:  
34in ipso autem candelabro erunt quatuor scyphi in nucis modum, sphærulæque per singulos, et lilia. Forsothe in thilke candilstik e schulen be foure cuppis in the maner of a note, and litle rundels and lilies by ech cuppe; And in the candlestick itself shall be four cups in the manner of a nut, and at every one, bowls and lilies.  
35Sphærulæ sub duobus calamis per tria loca, qui simul sex fiunt procedentes de hastili uno. and litle rundelis schulen be vndir twey yerdis bi thre places, whiche yerdis to gidere ben maad sixe, comynge forth of o schaft; and therfor the litle rundelis and yerdis Bowls under two branches in three places, which together make six coming forth out of one shaft.  
36Et sphærulæ igitur et calami ex ipso erunt, universa ductilia de auro purissimo. therof schulen be alle betun out with hamer, of clenneste gold. And both the bowls and the branches shall be of the same beaten work of the purest gold.  
37Facies et lucernas septem, et pones eas super candelabrum, ut luceant ex adverso. And thou schalt make seuene lanternes, and thou schalt sette tho on the candilstike, that tho schyne euene ayens. Thou shalt make also seven lamps, and shalt set them upon the candlestick, to give light over against.  
38Emunctoria quoque, et ubi quæ emuncta sunt extinguantur, fiant de auro purissimo. Also tongis to do out the snottis, and where tho thingis, that ben snottid out, ben quenchid, be maad of clenneste gold. The snuffers also and where the snuffings shall be put out, shall be made of the purest gold.  
39Omne pondus candelabri cum universis vasis suis habebit talentum auri purissimi. Al the weiyt of the candilstike with alle hise vesselis schal haue a talent of clennest gold. The whole weight of the candlestick with all the furniture thereof shall be a talent of the purest gold.  
40Inspice, et fac secundum exemplar quod tibi in monte monstratum est. Biholde thou, and make bi the saumpler, which ys schewide to thee in the hil. Look and make it according to the pattern, that was shewn thee in the mount.