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Sabbath days and years. Ex.23.10-13

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23 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
10Sex annis seminabis terram tuam, et congregabis fruges ejus: Sixe yeer thou schalt sowe thi lond, and thou schalt gadre fruytis therof; Six years thou shalt sow thy ground, and shalt gather the corn thereof. Sabbath days and years. Ex.23.10-13
11anno autem septimo dimittes eam, et requiescere facies, ut comedant pauperes populi tui: et quidquid reliquum fuerit, edant bestiæ agri: ita facies in vinea et in oliveto tuo. forsothe in the seuenthe yeer thou schalt leeue it, and schalt make to reste, that the pore men of thi puple ete, and what euer is residue, the beestis of the feeld ete; so thou schalt do in thi vyner, and in place of olyue trees. But the seventh year thou shalt let it alone, and suffer it to rest, that the poor of thy people may eat, and whatsoever shall be left, let the beasts of the field eat it: so shalt thou do with thy vineyard and thy oliveyard.  
12Sex diebus operaberis: septimo die cessabis, ut requiescat bos et asinus tuus, et refrigeretur filius ancillæ tuæ, et advena. Sixe dayes thou schalt worche, in the seuenthe dai thou schalt ceesse, that thin oxe and asse reste, and the sone of thin handmaide, and the comelyng be refreischid. Six days thou shalt work: the seventh day thou shalt cease, that thy ox and thy ass may rest: and the son of thy handmaid and the stranger may be refreshed.  
13Omnia quæ dixi vobis, custodite. Et per nomen externorum deorum non jurabitis, neque audietur ex ore vestro. Kepe ye alle thingis, whiche Y seide to you; and ye schulen not swere bi the name of alien goddis, nether it schal be herd of youre mouth. Keep all things that I have said to you. And by the name of strange gods you shall not swear, neither shall it be heard out of your mouth.