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SINAI. Ex.19.1-25

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19 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Mense tertio egressionis Israël de terra Ægypti, in die hac venerunt in solitudinem Sinai. In the thridde monethe of the goyng of Israel out of the lond of Egipt, in this dai thei camen in to the wildirnesse of Synai; In the third month of the departure of Israel out of the land of Egypt, on this day they came into the wilderness of Sinai: SINAI. Ex.19.1-25
2Nam profecti de Raphidim, et pervenientes usque in desertum Sinai, castrametati sunt in eodem loco, ibique Israël fixit tentoria e regione montis. for thei yeden forth fro Rafidym, and camen til in to deseert of Synai, and settiden tentis in the same place; and there Israel settide tentis, euen ayens the hil. For departing out of Raphidim, and coming to the desert of Sinai, they camped in the same place, and there Israel pitched their tents over against the mountain.  
3Moyses autem ascendit ad Deum: vocavitque eum Dominus de monte, et ait: Hæc dices domui Jacob, et annuntiabis filiis Israël: Forsothe Moises stiede in to the hil to God; and the Lord clepide hym fro the mount, and seide, Thou schalt seie these thingis to the hows of Jacob, and thou schalt telle to the sones of Israel, And Moses went up to God: and the Lord called unto him from the mountain, and said: Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel:  
4Vos ipsi vidistis quæ fecerim Ægyptiis, quomodo portaverim vos super alas aquilarum, et assumpserim mihi. Ye silf han seyn what thingis Y haue do to Egipcians, how Y bar you on the wengis of eglis, and took to me. You have seen what I have done to the Egyptians, how I have carried you upon the wings of eagles, and have taken you to myself.  
5Si ergo audieritis vocem meam, et custodieritis pactum meum, eritis mihi in peculium de cunctis populis: mea est enim omnis terra: Therfor if ye schulen here my vois, and schulen kepe my couenaunt, ye schulen be to me in to a specialte of alle puplis; for al the lond is myn; If therefore you will hear my voice, and keep my covenant, you shall be my peculiar possession above all people: for all the earth is mine.  
6et vos eritis mihi in regnum sacerdotale, et gens sancta. Hæc sunt verba quæ loqueris ad filios Israël. and ye schulen be to me in to a rewme of preesthod, and ye schulen be an hooli folk; these ben the wordis whiche thou schalt speke to the sones of Israel. And you shall be to me a priestly kingdom, and a holy nation. Those are the words thou shalt speak to the children of Israel.  
7Venit Moyses: et convocatis majoribus natu populi, exposuit omnes sermones quos mandaverat Dominus. Moyses cam, and whanne the gretter men in birthe of the puple weren clepid to gidere, he expownede alle the wordis whiche the Lord comaundide. Moses came, and calling together the elders of the people, he declared all the words which the Lord had commanded.  
8Responditque omnis populus simul: Cuncta quæ locutus est Dominus, faciemus. Cumque retulisset Moyses verba populi ad Dominum, And alle the puple answeride to gidere, We schulen do alle thingis whiche the Lord spak. And whanne Moises hadde teld the wordis of the puple to the Lord, And all the people answered together: All that the Lord hath spoken, we will do. And when Moses had related the people's words to the Lord,  
9ait ei Dominus: Jam nunc veniam ad te in caligine nubis, ut audiat me populus loquentem ad te, et credat tibi in perpetuum. Nuntiavit ergo Moyses verba populi ad Dominum. the Lord seide to hym, Riyt now Y schal come to thee in a derknesse of a cloude, that the puple here me spekynge to thee, and bileue to thee withouten ende. Therfor Moises telde the wordis of the puple to the Lord, The Lord said to him: Lo, now will I come to thee in the darkness of a cloud, that the people may hear me speaking to thee, and may believe thee for ever. And Moses told the words of the people to the Lord.  
10Qui dixit ei: Vade ad populum, et sanctifica illos hodie, et cras, laventque vestimenta sua. which seide to Moises, Go thou to the puple, and make hem holi to dai and to morewe, and waische thei her clothis, And he said to him: Go to the people, and sanctify them to day, and to morrow, and let them wash their garments.  
11Et sint parati in diem tertium: in die enim tertia descendet Dominus coram omni plebe super montem Sinai. and be thei redi in to the thridde dai; for in the thridde dai the Lord schal come doun bifore al the puple on the hil of Synai. And let them be ready against the third day: for on the third day the Lord will come down in the sight of all the people upon mount Sinai.  
12Constituesque terminos populo per circuitum, et dices ad eos: Cavete ne ascendatis in montem, nec tangatis fines illius: omnis qui tetigerit montem, morte morietur. And thou schalt sette termes to the puple, bi cumpas; and thou schalt seie to hem, Be ye war, that ye stie not in to the hil, nether touche ye the endis therof; ech man that schal touche the hil, schal die bi deeth. And thou shalt appoint certain limits to the people round about, and thou shalt say to them: Take heed you go not up into the mount, and that ye touch not the borders thereof: every one that toucheth the mount dying he shall die.  
13Manus non tanget eum, sed lapidibus opprimetur, aut confodietur jaculis: sive jumentum fuerit, sive homo, non vivet: cum cœperit clangere buccina, tunc ascendant in montem. Hondis schulen not touche hym, but he schal be oppressid with stoonus, ethir he shall be persid with dartis; whether it schal be a beest, ethir a man, it schal not lyue; whanne a clarioun schal bigynne to sowne, thanne stie thei in to the hil. No hands shall touch him, but he shall be stoned to death, or shall be shot through with arrows: whether it be beast, or man, he shall not live. When the trumpet shall begin to sound, then let them go up into the mount.  
14Descenditque Moyses de monte ad populum, et sanctificavit eum. Cumque lavissent vestimenta sua, And Moises cam doun fro the hil to the puple, and halewide it; and whanne thei hadden waischun her clothis, And Moses came down from the mount to the people, and sanctified them. And when they had washed their garments,  
15ait ad eos: Estote parati in diem tertium, et ne appropinquetis uxoribus vestris. he seide to hem, Be ye redi in to the thridde dai, neiye ye not to youre wyues. He said to them: Be ready against the third day, and come not near your wives.  
16Jamque advenerat tertius dies, et mane inclaruerat: et ecce cœperunt audiri tonitrua, ac micare fulgura, et nubes densissima operire montem, clangorque buccinæ vehementius perstrepebat: et timuit populus qui erat in castris. And now the thridde day was comun, and the morewetid was cleer; and, lo! thundris bigunnen to be herd, and leitis to schyne, and a moost thicke cloude to hile the mounteyn; and the sownyng of a clarioun made noise ful greetli, and the puple dredde, that was in the castels. And now the third day was come, and the morning appeared: and behold thunders began to be heard, and lightning to flash, and a very thick cloud to cover the mount, and the noise of the trumpet sounded exceeding loud, and the people that was in the camp, feared.  
17Cumque eduxisset eos Moyses in occursum Dei de loco castrorum, steterunt ad radices montis. And whanne Moises hadde led hem out in to the comyng of God, fro the place of castels, thei stoden at the rootis of the hil. And when Moses had brought them forth to meet God from the place of the camp, they stood at the bottom of the mount.  
18Totus autem mons Sinai fumabat, eo quod descendisset Dominus super eum in igne: et ascenderet fumus ex eo quasi de fornace, eratque omnis mons terribilis. Forsothe al the hil of Synai smokide, for the Lord hadde come doun theronne in fier; and smoke stiede therof as of a furneis, and al the hil was ferdful; And all mount Sinai was on a smoke: because the Lord was come down upon it in fire, and the smoke arose from it as out of a furnace: and all the mount was terrible.  
19Et sonitus buccinæ paulatim crescebat in majus, et prolixius tendebatur: Moyses loquebatur, et Deus respondebat ei. and the sown of a clarioun encreesside litil and litil, and was holdun forth lengere. Moises spak, and the Lord answeride to hym, And the sound of the trumpet grew by degrees louder and louder, and was drawn out to a greater length: Moses spoke, and God answered him.  
20Descenditque Dominus super montem Sinai in ipso montis vertice, et vocavit Moysen in cacumen ejus. Quo cum ascendisset, and the Lord cam doun on the hil of Synay, in thilke cop of the hil, and clepide Moises to the cop therof. And whanne he hadde stied thidur, And the Lord came down upon mount Sinai, in the very top of the mount, and he called Moses unto the top thereof. And when he was gone up thither,  
21dixit ad eum: Descende, et contestare populum: ne forte velit transcendere terminos ad videndum Dominum, et pereat ex eis plurima multitudo. the Lord seide to hym, Go thou doun, and witnesse thou to the puple, lest perauenture it wole passe the termes to se the Lord, and ful greet multitude therof perische; He said unto him: Go down, and charge the people: lest they should have a mind to pass the limits to see the Lord, and a very great multitude of them should perish.  
22Sacerdotes quoque qui accedunt ad Dominum, sanctificentur, ne percutiat eos. also preestis, that neiyen to the Lord, be halewid, lest Y smyte hem. The priests also that come to the Lord, let them be sanctified, lest he strike them.  
23Dixitque Moyses ad Dominum: Non poterit vulgus ascendere in montem Sinai: tu enim testificatus es, et jussisti, dicens: Pone terminos circa montem, et sanctifica illum. And Moises seide to the Lord, The comyn puple may not stie in to the hil of Synai; for thou hast witnessid, and hast comaundid, seiyinge, Sette thou termes aboute the hil, and halewe it. And Moses said to the Lord: The people cannot come up to mount Sinai: for thou did charge, and command, saying: Set limits about the mount, and sanctify it.  
24Cui ait Dominus: Vade, descende: ascendesque tu, et Aaron tecum: sacerdotes autem et populus ne transeant terminos, nec ascendant ad Dominum, ne forte interficiat illos. To whom the Lord seide, Go thou doun, and thou schalt stie, and Aaron with thee; forsothe the preestis and the puple passe not the termes, nethir stie thei to the Lord, lest perauenture he sle hem. And the Lord said to him: Go, get thee down: and thou shalt come up, thou and Aaron with thee: but let not the priests and the people pass the limits, nor come up to the Lord, lest he kill them.  
25Descenditque Moyses ad populum, et omnia narravit eis. Moises yede doun to the puple, and telde alle thingis to hem. And Moses went down to the people and told them all.