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The Pillar of Cloud & the Pillar of Fire.

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13 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
17Igitur cum emisisset Pharao populum, non eos duxit Deus per viam terræ Philisthiim quæ vicina est: reputans ne forte pœniteret eum, si vidisset adversum se bella consurgere, et reverteretur in Ægyptum. Therfor whanne Farao hadde sent out the puple, God ledde not hem out bi the weie of the lond of Filisteis, which is niy; and arettid lest perauenture it wolde repente the puple, if he had seyn batelis rise ayens hym, and the puple wolde turn ayen in to Egipt; And when Pharao had sent out the people, the Lord led them not by the way of the land of the Philistines which is near: thinking lest perhaps they would repent, if they should see wars arise against them, and would return into Egypt. The Pillar of Cloud & the Pillar of Fire. 
18Sed circumduxit per viam deserti, quæ est juxta mare Rubrum: et armati ascenderunt filii Israël de terra Ægypti. but God ledde aboute by the weie of deseert, which weie is bisidis the reed see. And the sones of Israel weren armed, and stieden fro the lond of Egipte. But he led them about by the way of the desert, which is by the Red Sea: and the children of Israel went up armed out of the land of Egypt.  
19Tulit quoque Moyses ossa Joseph secum: eo quod adjurasset filios Israël, dicens: Visitabit vos Deus; efferte ossa mea hinc vobiscum. And Moises took the boonus of Joseph with hym, for he hadde chargid the sones of Israel, and hadde seid, God schal visite you, and bere ye out fro hennus my boonus with you. And Moses took Joseph's bones with him: because he had adjured the children of Israel, saying: God shall visit you, carry out my bones from hence with you.  
20Profectique de Socoth castrametati sunt in Etham, in extremis finibus solitudinis. And thei yeden forth fro Socoth, and settiden tentis in Etham, in the laste endis of wildirnesse. And marching from Socoth they encamped in Etham in the utmost coasts of the wilderness.  
21Dominus autem præcedebat eos ad ostendendam viam per diem in columna nubis, et per noctem in columna ignis: ut dux esset itineris utroque tempore. Forsothe the Lord yede bifore hem to schewe the weie, bi dai in a piler of clowde, and bi nyyt in a piler of fier, that he schulde be ledere of the weie in euer either time; And the Lord went before them to shew the way by day in a pillar of a cloud, and by night in a pillar of fire: that he might be the guide of their journey at both times.  
22Numquam defuit columna nubis per diem, nec columna ignis per noctem, coram populo. the piler of clowde failide neuere bi dai, nether the piler of fier bi niyt, bifor the puple. There never failed the pillar of the cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, before the people.  
1Locutusque est autem Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: Forsothe the Lord spak to Moises, and seide, Speke thou to the sones of Israel; And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Crossing the Red Sea. Ex.14.1-31
2Loquere filiis Israël: Reversi castrametentur e regione Phihahiroth, quæ est inter Magdalum et mare contra Beelsephon: in conspectu ejus castra ponetis super mare. turne thei ayen, and sette thei tentis euene ayens Fiayroth, which is bitwixe Magdalum and the see, ayens Beelsefon; in the siyt therof ye schulen sette tentis ouer the see. Speak to the children of Israel: Let them turn and encamp over against Phihahiroth which is between Magdal and the sea over against Beelsephon: you shall encamp before it upon the sea.  
3Dicturusque est Pharao super filiis Israël: Coarctati sunt in terra; conclusit eos desertum. And Farao schal seie on the sones of Israel, Thei ben maad streit in the lond, the deseert hath closid hem to gidere. And Pharao will say of the children of Israel: They are straitened in the land, the desert hath shut them in.  
4Et indurabo cor ejus, ac persequetur vos: et glorificabor in Pharaone, et in omni exercitu ejus; scientque Ægyptii quia ego sum Dominus. Feceruntqueita. And Y schal make hard his herte, and he schal pursue you, and Y schal be glorified in Farao, and in al his oost; and Egipcians schulen wite that Y am the Lord; and thei diden so. And I shall harden his heart, and he will pursue you: and I shall be glorified in Pharao, and in all his army: and the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord. And they did so.  
5Et nuntiatum est regi Ægyptiorum quod fugisset populus: immutatumque est cor Pharaonis et servorum ejus super populo, et dixerunt: Quid voluimus facere ut dimitteremus Israël, ne serviret nobis? And it was teld to the kyng of Egipcians, that the puple hadde fled; and the herte of Farao and of hise seruauntis was chaungid on the puple, and thei seiden, What wolden we do, that we leften Israel, that it schulde not serue us? And it was told the king of the Egyptians that the people was fled: and the heart of Pharao and of his servants was changed with regard to the people, and they said: What meant we to do, that we let Israel go from serving us?  
6Junxit ergo currum, et omnem populum suum assumpsit secum. Therfor Farao ioynede the chare, and took with him al his puple; So he made ready his chariot, and took all his people with him.  
7Tulitque sexcentos currus electos, et quidquid in Ægypto curruum fuit: et duces totius exercitus. and he took sixe hundrid chosyn charis, and what euer thing of charis was in Egipt, and duykis of al the oost. And he took six hundred chosen chariots, and all the chariots that were in Egypt: and the captains of the whole army.  
8Induravitque Dominus cor Pharaonis regis Ægypti, et persecutus est filios Israël: at illi egressi sunt in manu excelsa. And the Lord made hard the herte of Farao, kyng of Egipt, and he pursuede the sones of Israel; and thei weren go out in an hiy hond. And the Lord hardened the heart of Pharao king of Egypt, and he pursued the children of Israel: but they were gone forth in a mighty hand.  
9Cumque persequerentur Ægyptii vestigia præcedentium, repererunt eos in castris super mare: omnis equitatus et currus Pharaonis, et universus exercitus, erant in Phihahiroth contra Beelsephon. And whanne Egipcians pursueden the steppis of the sones of Israel bifor goynge, thei founden hem in tentis on the see; al the chyualrye and charis of Farao, and al the oost weren in Fiayroth, ayens Beelsefon. And when the Egyptians followed the steps of them who were gone before, they found them encamped at the sea side: all Pharao's horse and chariots, and the whole army were in Phihahiroth before Beelsephon.  
10Cumque appropinquasset Pharao, levantes filii Israël oculos, viderunt Ægyptios post se, et timuerunt valde: clamaveruntque ad Dominum, And whanne Farao hadde neiyed the sones of Israel, reisiden her iyen, and thei sien Egipcians bihynde hem, and dredden greetli; and thei crieden to the Lord, And when Pharao drew near, the children of Israel, lifting up their eyes, saw the Egyptians behind them: and they feared exceedingly, and cried to the Lord.  
11et dixerunt ad Moysen: Forsitan non erant sepulchra in Ægypto, ideo tulisti nos ut moreremur in solitudine: quid hoc facere voluisti, ut educeres nos ex Ægypto? and seiden to Moises, In hap sepulcris weren not in Egipt, therfor thou hast take vs awei, that we schulen die in wildirnesse? what woldist thou do this, that thou leddist vs out of Egipt? And they said to Moses: Perhaps there were no graves in Egypt, therefore thou hast brought us to die in the wilderness: why wouldst thou do this, to lead us out of Egypt?  
12nonne iste est sermo, quem loquebamur ad te in Ægypto, dicentes: Recede a nobis, ut serviamus Ægyptiis? multo enim melius erat servire eis, quam mori in solitudine. Whether this is not the word which we spaken to thee in Egipt, and seiden, Go awei fro vs, that we serue Egipcians? for it is myche betere to serue hem, than to die in wildirnesse. Is not this the word that we spoke to thee in Egypt, saying: Depart from us that we may serve the Egyptians? for it was much better to serve them, than to die in the wilderness.  
13Et ait Moyses ad populum: Nolite timere: state, et videte magnalia Domini quæ facturus est hodie: Ægyptios enim, quos nunc videtis, nequaquam ultra videbitis usque in sempiternum. And Moises seide to the puple, Nyle ye drede, stonde ye, and se ye the grete werkys of God, whiche he schal do to dai; for ye schulen no more se Egipcians, whiche ye seen now, til in to with outen ende; And Moses said to the people: Fear not: stand and see the great wonders of the Lord, which he will do this day: for the Egyptians, whom you see now, you shall see no more for ever.  
14Dominus pugnabit pro vobis, et vos tacebitis. the Lord schal fiyte for you, and ye schulen be stille. The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.  
15Dixitque Dominus ad Moysen: Quid clamas ad me? loquere filiis Israël ut proficiscantur. And the Lord seide to Moises, What criest thou to me? Speke thou to the sones of Israel, that thei go forth; forsothe reise thou thi yerde, And the Lord said to Moses: Why criest thou to me? Speak to the children of Israel to go forward.  
16Tu autem eleva virgam tuam, et extende manum tuam super mare, et divide illud: ut gradiantur filii Israël in medio mari per siccum. and stretche forth thin hond on the see, and departe thou it, that the sones of Israel go in the myddis of the see, by drie place. But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch forth thy hand over the sea, and divide it: that the children of Israel may go through the midst of the sea on dry ground.  
17Ego autem indurabo cor Ægyptiorum ut persequantur vos: et glorificabor in Pharaone, et in omni exercitu ejus, et in curribus et in equitibus illius. Forsothe Y schal make hard the herte of Egipcians, that thei pursue you, and Y schal be glorified in Farao, and in al the oost of hym, and in the charis, and in the knyytis of hym; And I will harden the heart of the Egyptians to pursue you: and I will be glorified in Pharao, and in all his host, and in his chariots, and in his horsemen.  
18Et scient Ægyptii quia ego sum Dominus cum glorificatus fuero in Pharaone, et in curribus atque in equitibus ejus. and Egipcians schulen wite that Y am the Lord God, whanne Y schal be glorified in Farao, and in the charis, and in the knyytis of hym. And the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall be glorified in Pharao, and in his chariots and in his horsemen.  
19Tollensque se angelus Dei, qui præcedebat castra Israël, abiit post eos: et cum eo pariter columna nubis, priora dimittens, post tergum And the aungel of the Lord, that yede bifore the castellis of Israel, took hym silf, and yede bihynde hem; and the piler of cloude yede to gidir with hym, and lefte the formere thingis aftir the bak, And the angel of God, who went before the camp of Israel, removing, went behind them: and together with him the pillar of the cloud, leaving the forepart,  
20stetit, inter castra Ægyptiorum et castra Israël: et erat nubes tenebrosa, et illuminans noctem, ita ut ad se invicem toto noctis tempore accedere non valerent and stood bitwixe the castels of Egipcians and castels of Israel; and the cloude was derk toward Egipcians, and liytnynge the nyyt toward the children of Israel, so that in al the tyme of the niyt thei miyten not neiy togidere to hem silf. Stood behind, between the Egyptians' camp and the camp of Israel: and it was a dark cloud, and enlightening the night, so that they could not come at one another all the night.  
21Cumque extendisset Moyses manum super mare, abstulit illud Dominus flante vento vehementi et urente tota nocte, et vertit in siccum: divisaque est aqua. And whanne Moises hadde stretchid forth the hond on the see, the Lord took it awei, the while a greet wynde and brennynge blew in al the niyt, and turnede in to dryenesse; and the watir was departid. And when Moses had stretched forth his hand over the sea, the Lord took it away by a strong and burning wind blowing all the night, and turned it into dry ground: and the water was divided.  
22Et ingressi sunt filii Israël per medium sicci maris: erat enim aqua quasi murus a dextra eorum et læva. And the sones of Israel entriden by the myddis of the drye see; for the watir was as a wal at the riyt side and left side of hem. And the children of Israel went in through the midst of the sea dried up: for the water was as a wall on their right hand and on their left.  
23Persequentesque Ægyptii ingressi sunt post eos, et omnis equitatus Pharaonis, currus ejus et equites per medium maris. And Egipcians pursueden, and entriden aftir hem, al the ridyng of Farao, hise charis, and knyytis, bi the myddis of the see. And the Egyptians pursuing went in after them, and all Pharao's horses, his chariots and horsemen through the midst of the sea,  
24Jamque advenerat vigilia matutina, et ecce respiciens Dominus super castra Ægyptiorum per columnam ignis et nubis, interfecit exercitum eorum, And the wakyng of the morewtid cam thanne, and lo! the Lord bihelde on the castels of Egipcians, bi a piler of fier, and of cloude, and killide the oost of hem; and he destriede the wheelis of charis, And now the morning watch was come, and behold the Lord looking upon the Egyptian army through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, slew their host.  
25et subvertit rotas curruum, ferebanturque in profundum. Dixerunt ergo Ægyptii: Fugiamus Israëlem: Dominus enim pugnat pro eis contra nos. and tho weren borun in to the depthe. Therfor Egipcians seiden, Fle we Israel; for the Lord fiytith for hem ayenus vs. And overthrew the wheels of the chariots, and they were carried into the deep. And the Egyptians said: Let us flee from Israel: for the Lord fighteth for them against us.  
26Et ait Dominus ad Moysen: Extende manum tuam super mare, ut revertantur aquæ ad Ægyptios super currus et equites eorum. And the Lord seide to Moises, Holde forth thin hond on the see, that the watris turne ayen to Egipcians, on the charis, and knyytis of hem. And the Lord said to Moses: Stretch forth they hand over the sea, that the waters may come again upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots and horsemen.  
27Cumque extendisset Moyses manum contra mare, reversum est primo diluculo ad priorem locum: fugientibusque Ægyptiis occurrerunt aquæ, et involvit eos Dominus in mediis fluctibus. And whanne Moises hadde hold forth the hoond ayens the see, it turnede ayen first in the morewtid to the formere place; and whanne Egipcians fledden, the watris camen ayen, and the Lord wlappide hem in the myddis of the floodis. And when Moses had stretched forth his hand towards the sea, it returned at the first break of day to the former place: and as the Egyptians were fleeing away, the waters came upon them, and the Lord shut them up in the middle of the waves.  
28Reversæque sunt aquæ, et operuerunt currus et equites cuncti exercitus Pharaonis, qui sequentes ingressi fuerant mare: nec unus quidem superfuit ex eis. And the watris turneden ayen, and hiliden the charis, and knyytis of al the oost of Farao, which sueden, and entriden in to the see; sotheli not oon of hem was alyue. And the waters returned, and covered the chariots and the horsemen of all the army of Pharao, who had come into the sea after them, neither did there so much as one of them remain.  
29Filii autem Israël perrexerunt per medium sicci maris, et aquæ eis erant quasi pro muro a dextris et a sinistris: Forsothe the sones of Israel yeden thorouy the myddis of the drye see, and the watris weren to hem as for a wal, on the riyt side and left side. But the children of Israel marched through the midst of the sea upon dry land, and the waters were to them as a wall on the right hand and on the left:  
30liberavitque Dominus in die illa Israël de manu Ægyptiorum. And in that dai the Lord delyuerede Israel fro the hond of Egipcians, and thei sien Egipcians deed on the brynke of the see, And the Lord delivered Israel on that day out of the hands of the Egyptians.  
31Et viderunt Ægyptios mortuos super littus maris, et manum magnam quam exercuerat Dominus contra eos: timuitque populus Dominum, et crediderunt Domino, et Moysi servo ejus. and thei seiyen the greet hond which the Lord hadde vsid ayens hem; and the puple dredde the Lord, and thei bileueden to the Lord, and to Moises his seruaunt. And they saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore, and the mighty hand that the Lord had used against them: and the people feared the Lord, and they believed the Lord, and Moses his servant.  
1Tunc cecinit Moyses et filii Israël carmen hoc Domino, et dixerunt:
Cantemus Domino:
gloriose enim magnificatus est, equum et ascensorem dejecit in mare.
Thanne Moises song, and the sones of Israel, this song to the Lord; and thei seiden,
Synge we to the Lord, for he is magnefied gloriousli;
he castide doun the hors and the stiere in to the see.
Then Moses and the children of Israel sung this canticle to the Lord: and said:
Let us sing to the Lord:
for he is gloriously magnified, the horse and the rider he hath thrown into the sea.
The song of Moses. Ex.15.1-18
2Fortitudo mea, et laus mea Dominus, et factus est mihi in salutem:
iste Deus meus, et glorificabo eum:
Deus patris mei, et exaltabo eum.
My strengthe and my preisyng is the Lord;
and he is maad to me in to heelthe.
This is my God, and Y schal glorifie hym;
the God of my fadir, and Y schal enhaunse hym.
The Lord is my strength and my praise, and he is become salvation to me: he is my God and I will glorify him: the God of my father, and I will exalt him.  
3Dominus quasi vir pugnator,
Omnipotens nomen ejus,
The Lord is as a man fiyter,
his name is Almiyti;
The Lord is as a man of war, Almighty is his name.  
4currus Pharaonis et exercitum ejus projecit in mare:
electi principes ejus submersi sunt in mari Rubro.
he castide doun in to the see the charis of Farao, and his oost.
Hise chosun princis weren drenchid in the reed see;
Pharao's chariots and his army he hath cast into the sea: his chosen captains are drowned in the Red Sea.  
5Abyssi operuerunt eos;
descenderunt in profundum quasi lapis.
the depe watris hiliden hem;
thei yeden doun in to the depthe as a stoon.
The depths have covered them, they are sunk to the bottom like a stone.  
6Dextera tua, Domine, magnificata est in fortitudine:
dextera tua, Domine, percussit inimicum.
Lord, thi riythond is magnyfied in strengthe;
Lord, thi riythond smoot the enemye.
Thy right hand, O Lord, is magnified in strength: thy right hand, O Lord, hath slain the enemy.  
7Et in multitudine gloriæ tuæ deposuisti adversarios tuos:
misisti iram tuam, quæ devoravit eos sicut stipulam.
And in the mychilnesse of thi glorie thou hast put doun alle myn aduersaries;
thou sentist thin ire, that deuouride hem as stobil.
And in the multitude of they glory thou hast put down thy adversaries: thou hast sent thy wrath, which hath devoured them like stubble.  
8Et in spiritu furoris tui congregatæ sunt aquæ:
stetit unda fluens, congregata sunt abyssi in medio mari.
And watris weren gaderid in the spirit of thi woodnesse;
flowinge watir stood, depe watris weren gaderid in the middis of the see.
And with the blast of thy anger the waters were gathered together: the flowing water stood, the depth were gathered together in the midst of the sea.  
9Dixit inimicus: Persequar et comprehendam,
dividam spolia, implebitur anima mea:
evaginabo gladium meum, interficiet eos manus mea.
The enemy seide, Y schal pursue, and Y schal take;
Y schal departe spuylis, my soule schal be fillid. I schal drawe out my swerde;
myn hond schal sle hem.
The enemy said: I will pursue and overtake,
I will divide the spoils, my soul shall have its fill:
I will draw my sword, my hand shall slay them.
10Flavit spiritus tuus, et operuit eos mare:
submersi sunt quasi plumbum in aquis vehementibus.
Thi spirit blew, and the see hilide hem;
thei weren drenchid as leed in grete watris.
Thy wind blew and the sea covered them:
they sunk as lead in the mighty waters.
11Quis similis tui in fortibus, Domine?
quis similis tui, magnificus in sanctitate, terribilis atque laudabilis, faciens mirabilia?
Lord, who is lijk thee in stronge men, who is lijk thee?
thou art greet doere in hoolynesse;
ferdful, and preisable, and doynge myraclis.
Who is like to thee, among the strong, O Lord?
who is like to thee, glorious in holiness,
terrible and praiseworthy, doing wonders?
12Extendisti manum tuam, et devoravit eos terra. Thou heldist forth thin hond, and the erthe deuouride hem; Thou stretchedst forth thy hand, and the earth swallowed them.  
13Dux fuisti in misericordia tua populo quem redemisti:
et portasti eum in fortitudine tua, ad habitaculum sanctum tuum.
thou were ledere in thi merci to thy puple, which thou ayen bouytist;
and thou hast bore hym in thi strengthe to thin holi dwellyng place.
In thy mercy thou hast been a leader to the people which thou hast redeemed:
and in thy strength thou hast carried them to thy holy habitation.
14Ascenderunt populi, et irati sunt:
dolores obtinuerunt habitatores Philisthiim.
Puplis stieden, and weren wroothe;
sorewis helden the dwelleris of Filistiym.
Nations rose up, and were angry:
sorrows took hold on the inhabitants of Philisthiim.
15Tunc conturbati sunt principes Edom, robustos Moab obtinuit tremor:
obriguerunt omnes habitatores Chanaan.
Thanne the pryncis of Edom weren disturblid;
tremblyng held the stronge men of Moab.
Then were the princes of Edom troubled, trembling seized on the stout men of Moab:
all the inhabitants of Chanaan became stiff.
16Irruat super eos formido et pavor, in magnitudine brachii tui: fiant immobiles quasi lapis, donec pertranseat populus tuus, Domine, donec pertranseat populus tuus iste, quem possedisti. Alle the dwelleris of Canaan weren starke;
inward drede falle on hem, and outward drede in the greetnesse of thin arm.
Be thei maad vnmouable as a stoon, til thi puple passe, Lord;
til this thi puple passe, whom thou weldidist.
Let fear and dread fall upon them,
in the greatness of thy arm:
let them become unmoveable as a stone, until thy people, O Lord, pass by:
until this thy people pass by, which thou hast possessed.
17Introduces eos, et plantabis in monte hæreditatis tuæ,
firmissimo habitaculo tuo quod operatus es, Domine:
sanctuarium tuum, Domine, quod firmaverunt manus t
Thou schalt brynge hem in, and thou schalt plaunte in the hil of thin eritage;
in the moost stidefast dwellyng place which thou hast wrouyt, Lord;
Lord, thi seyntuarie, which thin hondis made stidefast.
Thou shalt bring them in, and plant them in the mountain of thy inheritance,
in thy most firm habitation which thou hast made, O Lord;
thy sanctuary, O Lord, which thy hands have established.
18Dominus regnabit in æternum et ultra. The Lord schal regne in to the world and ferthere. The Lord shall reign for ever and ever.  
19Ingressus est enim eques Pharao cum curribus et equitibus ejus in mare: et reduxit super eos Dominus aquas maris: filii autem Israël ambulaverunt per siccum in medio ejus. Forsothe Farao, a ridere, entride with his charis and knyytis in to the see, and the Lord brouyte the watris of the se on hem; sotheli the sones of Israel yeden bi the drie place, in the myddis of the see. For Pharao went in on horseback with his chariots and horsemen into the sea: and the Lord brought back upon them the waters of the sea: but the children of Israel walked on dry ground in the midst thereof. The song of Miriam. Ex.15.19-21
20Sumpsit ergo Maria prophetissa, soror Aaron, tympanum in manu sua: egressæque sunt omnes mulieres post eam cum tympanis et choris, Therfore Marie, profetesse, the sistir of Aaron, took a tympan in hir hond, and alle the wymmen yeden out aftir hyr with tympans and cumpanyes; So Mary the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand: and all the women went forth after her with timbrels and with dances:  
21quibus præcinebat, dicens:
Cantemus Domino, gloriose enim magnificatus est:
equum et ascensorem ejus dejecit in mare.
to whiche sche song bifore, and seide,
Synge we to the Lord, for he is magnyfied gloriousli;
he castide doun in to the see the hors and the stiere of hym.
And she began the song to them, saying:
Let us sing to the Lord, for he is gloriously magnified,
the horse and his rider he hath thrown into the sea.