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The first Passover. Ex.12.21-28

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12 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
21Vocavit autem Moyses omnes seniores filiorum Israël, et dixit ad eos: Ite tollentes animal per familias vestras, et immolate Phase. Forsothe Moises clepide alle the eldre men of the sones of Israel, and seide to hem, Go ye, and take a beeste by youre meynees, and offre ye fase; and dippe ye a bundel of isope, And Moses called all the ancients of the children of Israel, and said to them: Go take a lamb by your families, and sacrifice the Phase. The first Passover. Ex.12.21-28
22Fasciculumque hyssopi tingite in sanguine qui est in limine, et aspergite ex eo superliminare, et utrumque postem: nullus vestrum egrediatur ostium domus suæ usque mane. in the blood which is in the threisfold, and sprynge ye therof the lyntel, and euer either post; noon of you schal go out at the dore of his hows til the morewtid. And dip a bunch of hyssop in the blood that is at the door, and sprinkle the transom of the door therewith, and both the door cheeks: let none of you go out of the door of his house till morning.  
23Transibit enim Dominus percutiens Ægyptios: cumque viderit sanguinem in superliminari, et in utroque poste, transcendet ostium domus, et non sinet percussorem ingredi domos vestras et lædere. For the Lord schal passe smytynge Egipcians; and whanne he schal se the blood in the lyntel, and in euer either post, he schal passe the dore of the hows; and he schal not suffre the smytere to entre in to youre housis, and to hirte. For the Lord will pass through striking the Egyptians: and when he shall see the blood on the transom, and on both the posts, he will pass over the door of the house, and not suffer the destroyer to come into your houses and to hurt you.  
24Custodi verbum istud legitimum tibi et filiis tuis usque in æternum. Kepe thou this word; it schal be a lawful thing to thee and to thi sones til in to with outen ende. Thou shalt keep this thing as a law for thee and thy children for ever.  
25Cumque introieritis terram, quam Dominus daturus est vobis ut pollicitus est, observabitis cæremonias istas. And whanne ye schulen entre in to the lond which the Lord schal yyue to you, as he bihiyte, ye schulen kepe these cerymonyes; And when you have entered into the land which the Lord will give you as he hath promised, you shall observe these ceremonies.  
26Et cum dixerint vobis filii vestri: Quæ est ista religio? and whanne youre sones schulen seie to you, What is this religioun? ye schulen seie to hem, And when your children shall say to you: What is the meaning of this service?  
27Dicetis eis: Victima transitus Domini est, quando transivit super domos filiorum Israël in Ægypto, percutiens Ægyptios, et domos nostras liberans. Incurvatusque populus adoravit. It is the sacrifice of the passyng of the Lord, whanne he passide ouer the housis of the sones of Israel in Egipt, and smoot Egipcians, and delyueride oure housis. And the puple was bowid, and worschipide. You shall say to them: It is the victim of the passage of the Lord, when he passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, striking the Egyptians, and saving our houses. And the people bowing themselves, adored.  
28Et egressi filii Israël fecerunt sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi et Aaron. And the sones of Israel yeden out, and diden as the Lord comaundide to Moises and to Aaron. And the children of Israel going forth did as the Lord had commanded Moses and Aaron.