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The plagues - locusts. Ex.10.1-20

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10 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Et dixit Dominus ad Moysen: Ingredere ad Pharaonem: ego enim induravi cor ejus, et servorum illius, ut faciam signa mea hæc in eo: And the Lord seide to Moises, Entre thou to Farao, for Y haue maad hard the herte of hym, and of hise seruauntis, that Y do these signes of me in hym; And the Lord said to Moses: Go in to Pharao; for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants: that I may work these my signs in him. The plagues - locusts. Ex.10.1-20
2et narres in auribus filii tui, et nepotum tuorum, quoties contriverim Ægyptios, et signa mea fecerim in eis: et sciatis quia ego Dominus. and that thou telle in the eeris of thi sone and of thi sones sones, how ofte Y al tobrak Egipcians, and dide signes in hem; and that ye wyte that Y am the Lord. And thou mayest tell in the ears of thy sons, and of they grandsons, how often I have plagued the Egyptians, and wrought my signs amongst them: and you may know that I am the Lord:  
3Introierunt ergo Moyses et Aaron ad Pharaonem, et dixerunt ei: Hæc dicit Dominus Deus Hebræorum: Usquequo non vis subjici mihi? dimitte populum meum, ut sacrificet mihi. Therfore Moises and Aaron entriden to Farao, and seiden to hym, The Lord God of Ebrews seith these thingis, How long nylt thou be maad suget to me? Delyuere thou my puple, that it make sacrifice to me; ellis sotheli if thou ayenstondist, Therefore Moses and Aaron went in to Pharao, and said to him: Thus saith the Lord God of the Hebrews: How long refusest thou to submit to me? let my people go, to sacrifice to me.  
4Sin autem resistis, et non vis dimittere eum: ecce ego inducam cras locustam in fines tuos: and nylt delyuere it, lo! Y schal brynge in to morewe a locuste in to thi coostis, But if thou resist, and wilt not let them go, behold I will bring in to morrow the locust into thy coasts:  
5quæ operiat superficiem terræ, ne quidquam ejus appareat, sed comedatur quod residuum fuerit grandini: corrodet enim omnia ligna quæ germinant in agris. which schal hile the hiyere part of erthe, nether ony thing therof schal appere, but that, that was residue to the hail schal be etun; for it schal gnawe alle the trees that buriounnen in feeldis; To cover the face of the earth that nothing thereof may appear, but that which the hail hath left may be eaten: for they shall feed upon all the trees that spring in the fields.  
6Et implebunt domos tuas, et servorum tuorum, et omnium Ægyptiorum, quantam non viderunt patres tui, et avi, ex quo orti sunt super terram, usque in præsentem diem. Avertitque se, et egressus est a Pharaone. and tho schulen fille thin howsis, and the howsis of thi seruauntis, and of alle Egipcians, hou greet thi fadris and grauntsiris sien not, sithen thei weren borun on erthe, til in to present dai. And Moises turnede awei hym silf, and yede out fro Farao. And they shall fill thy houses, and the houses of thy servants, and of all the Egyptians: such a number as thy fathers have not seen, nor thy grandfathers, from the time they were first upon the earth, until this present day. And he turned himself away, and went forth from Pharao.  
7Dixerunt autem servi Pharaonis ad eum: Usquequo patiemur hoc scandalum? dimitte homines, ut sacrificent Domino Deo suo; nonne vides quod perierit Ægyptus? Forsothe the seruauntis of Farao seiden to hym, Hou longe schulen we suffre this sclaundre? Delyuere the men, that thei make sacrifice to her Lord God; seest thou not that Egipt perischide? And Pharao's servants said to him: How long shall we endure this scandal? let the men go to sacrifice to the Lord their God. Dost thou not see that Egypt is undone?  
8Revocaveruntque Moysen et Aaron ad Pharaonem: qui dixit eis: Ite, sacrificate Domino Deo vestro: quinam sunt qui ituri sunt? And thei ayen clepiden Moises and Aaron to Farao, and he seide to hem, Go ye, and make ye sacrifice to youre Lord God; whiche ben thei, that schulen go? And they called back Moses and Aaron to Pharao: and he said to them: Go, sacrifice to the Lord your God: who are they that shall go?  
9Ait Moyses: Cum parvulis nostris, et senioribus pergemus, cum filiis et filiabus, cum ovibus et armentis: est enim solemnitas Domini Dei nostri. Moises seide, We schulen go with oure litle children and eldre, and with sones, and douytris, with scheep, and grete beestis; for it is the solempnyte of oure Lord God. Moses said: We will go with our young and old, with our sons and daughters, with our sheep and herds: for it is the solemnity of the Lord our God.  
10Et respondit Pharao: Sic Dominus sit vobiscum, quomodo ego dimittam vos, et parvulos vestros, cui dubium est quod pessime cogitetis? And Farao answeride, So the Lord be with you; hou therfor schal Y delyuere you and youre litle children? to whom is it doute, that ye thenken worst? And Pharao answered: So be the Lord with you, as I shall let you and your children go: who can doubt but that you intend some great evil?  
11non fiet ita, sed ite tantum viri, et sacrificate Domino: hoc enim et ipsi petistis. Statimque ejecti sunt de conspectu Pharaonis. It schal not be so; but go ye men oneli, and make ye sacrifice to the Lord; for also ye axiden this. And anoon thei weren cast out fro the siyt of Farao. It shall not be so: but go ye men only, and sacrifice to the Lord: for this yourselves also desired. And immediately they were cast out from Pharao's presence.  
12Dixit autem Dominus ad Moysen: Extende manum tuam super terram Ægypti ad locustam, ut ascendat super eam, et devoret omnem herbam quæ residua fueritgrandini. Forsothe the Lord seide to Moises, Holde forth thi hond on the lond of Egipt, to a locust, that it stie on the lond, and deuoure al the eerbe which is residue to the hail. And the Lord said to Moses: Stretch forth thy hand upon the land of Egypt unto the locust, that it may come upon it, and devour every herb that is left after the hail.  
13Et extendit Moyses virgam super terram Ægypti: et Dominus induxit ventum urentem tota die illa et nocte: et mane facto, ventus urens levavit locustas. And Moises helde forthe the yerde on the lond of Egipt, and the Lord brouyte in a brennynge wynd al that dai and niyt; and whanne the morewtid was maad, the brennynge wynd reiside locustis, whiche stieden on al the lond of Egipt, And Moses stretched forth his rod upon the land of Egypt: and the Lord brought a burning wind all that day, and night: and when it was morning, the burning wind raised the locusts:  
14Quæ ascenderunt super universam terram Ægypti: et sederunt in cunctis finibus Ægyptiorum innumerabiles, quales ante illud tempus non fuerant, nec postea futuræ sunt. and saten in alle the coostis of Egipcians; and the locustis weren vnnoumbrable, and suche weren not bifore that tyme, nether schulen come aftirward. And they came up over the whole land of Egypt: and rested in all the coasts of the Egyptians innumerable, the like as had not been before that time, nor shall be hereafter.  
15Operueruntque universam superficiem terræ, vastantes omnia. Devorata est igitur herba terræ, et quidquid pomorum in arboribus fuit, quæ grando dimiserat: nihilque omnino virens relictum est in lignis et in herbis terræ, in cuncta Ægypto. And tho hiliden al the face of the erthe, and wastiden alle thingis; therfor the eerbe of the erthe was deuourid, and what euere of applis was in trees, whiche the hail hadde left, it was deuourid; and outirli no green thing was left in trees and in eerbis of erthe, in al Egipt. And they covered the whole face of the earth, wasting all things. And the grass of the earth was devoured, and what fruits soever were on the trees, which the hail had left: and there remained not any thing that was green on the trees, or in the herbs of the earth in all Egypt.  
16Quam ob rem festinus Pharao vocavit Moysen et Aaron, et dixit eis: Peccavi in Dominum Deum vestrum, et in vos. Wherfor Farao hastide, and clepide Moises and Aaron, and seide to hem, Y haue synned ayens youre Lord God, and ayens yow; Wherefore Pharao in haste called Moses and Aaron, and said to them: I have sinned against the Lord your God, and against you.  
17Sed nunc dimittite peccatum mihi etiam hac vice, et rogate Dominum Deum vestrum, ut auferat a me mortem istam. but now foryyue ye the synne to me; also in this tyme preie ye youre Lord God, that he take awey fro me this deeth. But now forgive me my sin this time also, and pray to the Lord your God, that he take away from me this death.  
18Egressusque Moyses de conspectu Pharaonis, oravit Dominum. And Moises yede out of the siyt of Farao, and preiede the Lord; And Moses going forth from the presence of Pharao, prayed to the Lord.  
19Qui flare fecit ventum ab occidente vehementissimum, et arreptam locustam projecit in mare Rubrum: non remansit ne una quidem in cunctis finibus Ægypti. which made a moost strong wynd to blowe fro the west, and took, and castide the locust in to the reed see; noon dwellide, sotheli nether oon, in alle the coostis of Egipt. And he made a very strong wind to blow from the west, and it took the locusts and cast them into the Red Sea: there remained not so much as one in all the coasts of Egypt.  
20Et induravit Dominus cor Pharaonis, nec dimisit filios Israël. And the Lord made hard the herte of Farao, and he lefte not the sones of Israel. And the Lord hardened Pharao's heart, neither did he let the children of Israel go.