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The plagues - flies. Ex.8.20-32

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8 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
20Dixit quoque Dominus ad Moysen: Consurge diluculo, et sta coram Pharaone: egredietur enim ad aquas: et dices ad eum: Hæc dicit Dominus: Dimitte populum meum ut sacrificet mihi. And the Lord seide to Moises, Rise thou eerli, and stonde bifore Farao, for he schal go out to the watris; and thou schalt seie to hym, The Lord seith these thingis, Delyuere thou my puple, that it make sacrifice to me; The Lord also said to Moses: Arise early, and stand before Pharao: for he will go forth to the waters: and thou shalt say to him: Thus saith the Lord: Let my people go to sacrifice to me. The plagues - flies. Ex.8.20-32
21Quod si non dimiseris eum, ecce ego immittam in te, et in servos tuos, et in populum tuum, et in domos tuas, omne genus muscarum: et implebuntur domus Ægyptiorum muscis diversi generis, et universa terra in qua fuerint. that if thou schalt not delyuere the puple, lo! Y schal sende in to thee, and in to thi seruauntis, and in to thi puple, and in to thin housis, al the kynde of flies; and the housis of Egipcians schulen be fillid with flies of dyuerse kyndis, and al the lond in which thei schulen be. But if thou wilt not let them go, behold I will send in upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy houses all kind of flies: and the houses of the Egyptians shall be filled with flies of divers kinds, and the whole land wherein they shall be.  
22Faciamque mirabilem in die illa terram Gessen, in qua populus meus est, ut non sint ibi muscæ: et scias quoniam ego Dominus in medio terræ. And in that dai Y schal make wondurful the lond of Gessen, in which my puple is, that flies be not there; and that thou wite that Y am the Lord in the myddis of erthe; And I will make the land of Gessen wherein my people is, wonderful in that lay, so that flies shall not be there: and thou shalt know that I am the Lord in the midst of the earth.  
23Ponamque divisionem inter populum meum et populum tuum: cras erit signum istud. and Y schal sette departyng bitwixe my puple and thi puple; this signe schal be to morewe. And I will put a division between my people and thy people: tomorrow shall this sign be.  
24Fecitque Dominus ita. Et venit musca gravissima in domos Pharaonis et servorum ejus, et in omnem terram Ægypti: corruptaque est terra ab hujuscemodi muscis. And the Lord dide so. And a moost greuouse flie cam in to the hows of Farao, and of hise seruauntis, and in to al the lond of Egipt; and the lond was corrupt of siche flies. And the Lord did so. And there came a very grievous swarm of flies into he houses of Pharao and of his servants, and into all the land of Egypt: and the land was corrupted by this kind of flies.  
25Vocavitque Pharao Moysen et Aaron, et ait eis: Ite et sacrificate Deo vestro in terra hac. And Farao clepide Moises and Aaron, and seide to hem, Go ye, make ye sacrifice to youre Lord God in this lond. And Pharao called Moses and Aaron, and said to them: Go, and sacrifice to your God in this land.  
26Et ait Moyses: Non potest ita fieri: abominationes enim Ægyptiorum immolabimus Domino Deo nostro: quod si mactaverimus ea quæ colunt Ægyptii coram eis, lapidibus nos obruent. And Moises seide, It may not be so, for we schulen offre to oure God the abhomynaciouns of Egipcians; that if we schulen sle bifore Egipcians tho thingis whiche thei worschipen, thei schulen ouerleie vs with stoonus. And Moses said: It cannot be so: for we shall sacrifice the abominations of the Egyptians to the Lord our God: now if we kill those things which the Egyptians worship, in their presence, they will stone us.  
27Viam trium dierum pergemus in solitudinem: et sacrificabimus Domino Deo nostro, sicut præcepit nobis. We schulen go the weie of thre daies in to wildirnesse, and we schulen make sacrifice to oure Lord God, as he comaundide vs. We will go three days' journey into the wilderness: and we will sacrifice to the Lord our God, as he hath commanded us.  
28Dixitque Pharao: Ego dimittam vos ut sacrificetis Domino Deo vestro in deserto: verumtamen longius ne abeatis, rogate pro me. And Farao seide, Y schal delyuere you, that ye make sacrifice to youre Lord God in deseert; netheles go ye not ferthere; preie ye for me. And Pharao said: I will let you go to sacrifice to the Lord your God in the wilderness: but go no farther: pray for me.  
29At ait Moyses: Egressus a te, orabo Dominum: et recedet musca a Pharaone, et a servis suis, et a populo ejus cras: verumtamen noli ultra fallere, ut non dimittas populum sacrificare Domino. And Moises seide, Y schal go out fro thee, and Y schal preie the Lord; and the fli schal go awei fro Farao, and fro hise seruauntis, and puple to morewe; netheles nyle thou more disseyue me, that thou delyuere not the puple to make sacrifice to the Lord. And Moses said: I will go out from thee, and will pray to the Lord: and the flies shall depart from Pharao, and from his servants, and from his people tomorrow: but do not deceive any more, in not letting the people go to sacrifice to the Lord.  
30Egressusque Moyses a Pharaone, oravit Dominum. And Moises yede out fro Farao, and preiede the Lord, whiche dide bi the word of Moyses, So Moses went out from Pharao, and prayed to the Lord.  
31Qui fecit juxta verbum illius, et abstulit muscas a Pharaone, et a servis suis, et a populo ejus: non superfuit ne una quidem. and took awei flies fro Farao, and fro hise seruauntis, and puple; noon lefte, sotheli nether oon. And he did according to his word: and he took away the flies from Pharao, and from his servants, and from his people: there was not left so much as one.  
32Et ingravatum est cor Pharaonis, ita ut nec hac quidem vice dimitteret populum. And the herte of Farao was maad hard, so that he delyueride not the puple, sothli nethir in this tyme. And Pharao's heart was hardened, so that neither this time would he let the people go.