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The plagues - frogs. Ex.8.1-15

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8 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Dixit quoque Dominus ad Moysen: Ingredere ad Pharaonem, et dices ad eum: Hæc dicit Dominus: Dimitte populum meum, ut sacrificet mihi: Also the Lord seide to Moises, Entre thou to Farao, and thou schalt seie to hym, The Lord seith these thingis, Delyuere thou my puple, that it make sacrifice to me; sotheli if thou nylt delyuere, lo! And the Lord said to Moses: Go in to Pharao, and thou shalt say to him: Thus saith the Lord: Let my people go to sacrifice to me. The plagues - frogs. Ex.8.1-15
2sin autem nolueris dimittere, ecce ego percutiam omnes terminos tuos ranis, Y schal smyte alle thi termys with paddoks; But if thou wilt not let them go behold I will strike all thy coasts with frogs.  
3et ebulliet fluvius ranas: quæ ascendent, et ingredientur domum tuam, et cubiculum lectuli tui, et super stratum tuum, et in domos servorum tuorum, et in populum tuum, et in furnos tuos, et in reliquias ciborum tuorum: and the flood schal buyle out paddokis, that schulen stie, and schulen entre in to thin hows, and in to the closet of thi bed, and on thi bed, and in to the hous of thi seruauntis, and in to thi puple, and in to thin ouenes, and in to the relyues of thi metis; And the river shall bring forth an abundance of frogs: which shall come up, and enter into thy house, and thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and in the houses of thy servants, and to thy people, and into thy ovens, and into the remains of thy meats;  
4et ad te, et ad populum tuum, et ad omnes servos tuos intrabunt ranæ. and the paddoks schulen entre to thee, and to thi puple, and to alle thi seruauntis. And the frogs shall come in to thee and to thy people, and to all thy servants.  
5Dixitque Dominus ad Moysen: Dic ad Aaron: Extende manum tuam super fluvios ac super rivos et paludes, et educ ranas super terram Ægypti. And the Lord seide to Moises, Seie thou to Aaron, Hold forth thin hond on the floodis, and on the streemes, and mareis; and bryng out paddoks on the lond of Egipt. And the Lord said to Moses: Say to Aaron, Stretch forth thy hand upon the streams and upon the rivers and the pools, and bring forth frogs upon the land of Egypt.  
6Et extendit Aaron manum super aquas Ægypti, et ascenderunt ranæ, operueruntque terram Ægypti. And Aaron helde forth the hond on the watris of Egipt; and paddoks stieden, and hileden the lond of Egipt. And Aaron stretched forth his hand upon the waters of Egypt, and the frogs came up, and covered the land of Egypt.  
7Fecerunt autem et malefici per incantationes suas similiter, eduxeruntque ranas super terram Ægypti. Forsothe and the witchis diden in lijk maner bi her enchauntementis; and thei brouyten forth paddoks on the lond of Egipt. And the magicians also by their enchantments did in like manner, and the brought forth frogs upon all the land of Egypt  
8Vocavit autem Pharao Moysen et Aaron, et dixit eis: Orate Dominum ut auferat ranas a me et a populo meo, et dimittam populum ut sacrificet Domino. Forsothe Farao clepide Moises and Aaron, and seide to hem, Preie ye the Lord, that he do a wei the paddoks fro me, and fro my puple; and Y schal delyuere the puple, that it make sacrifice to the Lord. But Pharao called Moses and Aaron and said to them: Pray ye to the Lord to take away the frogs from me and from my people; and I will let the people go to sacrifice to the Lord.  
9Dixitque Moyses ad Pharaonem: Constitue mihi quando deprecer pro te, et pro servis tuis, et pro populo tuo, ut abigantur ranæ a te, et a domo tua, et a servis tuis, et a populo tuo: et tantum in flumine remaneant. And Moises seide to Farao, Ordeyne thou a tyme to me, whanne Y schal preie for thee, and for thi seruauntis, and for thi puple, that the paddokis be dryuun awei fro thee, and fro thin hows, and fro thi seruauntis, and fro thi puple; and dwelle oneli in the flood. And Moses said to Pharao: Set me a time when I shall pray for thee, and for thy servants, and for thy people, that the frogs may be driven away from thee and from thy house, and from thy servants, and from thy people: and may remain only in the river.  
10Qui respondit: Cras. At ille: Juxta, inquit, verbum tuum faciam: ut scias quoniam non est sicut Dominus Deus noster. And he answeride, To morewe. And Moises seide, Y schal do bi thi word, that thou wite, that noon is as oure Lord God; and the paddoks schulen go awei fro thee, And he answered: Tomorrow. But he said: I will do according to thy word; that thou mayst know that there is none like to the Lord our God.  
11Et recedent ranæ a te, et a domo tua, et a servis tuis, et a populo tuo: et tantum in flumine remanebunt. and fro thin hous, and fro thi children, and fro thi seruauntis, and fro thi puple; and tho schulen dwelle oneli in the flood. And the frogs shall depart from thee, and from thy house, and from thy servants, and from thy people; and shall remain only in the river.  
12Egressique sunt Moyses et Aaron a Pharaone: et clamavit Moyses ad Dominum pro sponsione ranarum quam condixerat Pharaoni. And Moises and Aaron yeden out fro Farao. And Moises criede to the Lord, for the biheest of paddoks, which he hadde seid to Farao. And Moses and Aaron went forth from Pharao: and Moses cried to the Lord for the promise, which he had made to Pharao concerning the frogs.  
13Fecitque Dominus juxta verbum Moysi: et mortuæ sunt ranæ de domibus, et de villis, et de agris. And the Lord dide bi the word of Moises; and the paddoks weren deed fro housis, and fro townes, and fro feeldis; And the Lord did according to the word of Moses: and the frogs died out of the houses, and out of the villages, and out of the fields:  
14Congregaveruntque eas in immensos aggeres, et computruit terra. and thei gaderiden tho in to grete heepis, and the lond was rotun. And they gathered them together into immense heaps, and the land was corrupted.  
15Videns autem Pharao quod data esset requies, ingravavit cor suum, et non audivit eos, sicut præceperat Dominus. Sotheli Farao seiy that reste was youun, and he made greuous his herte, and herde not hem, as the Lord comaundide. And Pharao seeing that rest was given, hardened his own heart, and did not hear them, as the Lord had commanded.