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David praises the LORD. 1Chr.29.10-25

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29 PARALIPOMENON I 1 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
10Et benedixit Domino coram universa multitudine, et ait:
Benedictus es, Domine Deus Israël patris nostri ab æterno in æternum.
and seide, Lord God of Israel, oure fadir, thou art blessid fro with outen bigynnyng in to with outen ende; And he blessed the Lord before all the multitude, and he said: Blessed art thou, O Lord the God of Israel, our father from eternity to eternity. David praises the LORD. 1Chr.29.10-25
11Tua est, Domine, magnificentia, et potentia,
et gloria, atque victoria:
et tibi laus:
cuncta enim quæ in cælo sunt, et in terra, tua sunt:
tuum, Domine, regnum, et tu es super omnes principes.
Lord, worthi doyng is thin, and power,
and glorie, and victorie, and heriyng is to thee;
for alle thingis that ben in heuene and in erthe ben thine;
Lord, the rewme is thin, and thou art ouer alle princes;
ritchessis ben thin, and glorie is thin;
Thine, O Lord, is magnificence, and power,
and glory, and victory: and to thee is praise:
for all that is in heaven, and in earth, is thine:
thine is the kingdom, O Lord, and thou art above all princes.
12Tuæ divitiæ, et tua est gloria:
tu dominaris omnium:
in manu tua virtus et potentia:
in manu tua magnitudo, et imperium omnium.
thou art Lord of alle;
in thin hond is vertu, and power, and in thin hond is greetnesse, and lordschipe of alle.
Thine are riches, and thine is glory,
thou hast dominion over all,
in thy hand is power and might:
in thy hand greatness, and the empire of all things.
13Nunc igitur Deus noster, confitemur tibi,
et laudamus nomen tuum inclytum.
Now therfor, oure God, we knoulechen to thee,
and we herien thi noble name.
Now therefore our God we give thanks to thee,
and we praise thy glorious name.
14Quis ego, et quis populus meus, ut possimus hæc tibi universa promittere? Tua sunt omnia: et quæ de manu tua accepimus, dedimus tibi. Who am Y, and who is my puple, that we moun bihete alle these thingis to thee?
Alle thingis ben thine, and we han youe to thee tho thingis, whiche we token of thin hond.
Who am I, and what is my people, that we should be able to promise thee all these things?
all things are thine: and we have given thee what we received of thy hand.
15Peregrini enim sumus coram te,
et advenæ, sicut omnes patres nostri.
Dies nostri quasi umbra super terram,
et nulla est mora.
For we ben pilgrimes and comelyngis bifor thee,
as alle oure fadris;
oure daies ben as schadewe on the erthe,
and no dwellyng is.
For we are sojourners before thee,
and strangers, as were all our fathers.
Our days upon earth are as a shadow,
and there is no stay.
16Domine Deus noster,
omnis hæc copia, quam paravimus ut ædificaretur domus nomini sancto tuo,
de manu tua est, et tua sunt omnia.
Oure Lord God,
al this plentee which we han maad redi, that an hows schulde be byldid to thin hooli name,
is of thin hond; and alle thingis ben thin.
O Lord our God,
all this store that we have prepared to build thee a house for thy holy name,
is from thy hand, and all things are thine.
17Scio, Deus meus, quod probes corda,
et simplicitatem diligas, unde et ego in simplicitate cordis mei lætus obtuli universa hæc:
et populum tuum, qui hic repertus est,
vidi cum ingenti gaudio tibi offerre donaria.
My God, Y woot, that thou preuest hertis, and louest symplenesse of herte;
wherfor and Y, in the symplenesse of myn herte, haue offrid gladli alle these thingis;
and Y siy with greet ioye thi puple, which is foundun here,
offre yiftis to thee.
I know my God that thou provest hearts,
and lovest simplicity, wherefore I also in the simplicity of my heart, have joyfully offered all these things:
and I have seen with great joy thy people, which are here present,
offer thee their offerings.
18Domine Deus Abraham, et Isaac, et Israël patrum nostrorum, custodi in æternum hanc voluntatem cordis eorum, et semper in venerationem tui mens ista permaneat. Lord God of Abraham, and of Ysaac, and of Israel, oure fadris, kepe thou with outen ende this wille of her hertis; and this mynde dwelle euere in to the worschipyng of thee. O Lord God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Israel our fathers, keep for ever this will of their heart, and let this mind remain always for the worship of thee.  
19Salomoni quoque filio meo da cor perfectum, ut custodiat mandata tua, testimonia tua, et cæremonias tuas, et faciat universa:
et ædificet ædem, cujus impensas paravi.
Also yyue thou to Salomon, my sone, a perfit herte, that he kepe thin heestis, and witnessyngis, and thi ceremonyes;
and do alle thingis, and that he bilde the hows, whose costis Y haue maad redi.
And give to Solomon my son a perfect heart, that he may keep thy commandments, thy testimonies, and thy ceremonies, and do all things:
and build the house, for which I have provided the charges.
20Præcepit autem David universæ ecclesiæ: Benedicite Domino Deo nostro. Et benedixit omnis ecclesia Domino Deo patrum suorum: et inclinaverunt se, et adoraverunt Deum, et deinde regem. Forsothe Dauid comaundide to al the chirche, Blesse ye oure Lord God. And al the chirche blesside the Lord God of her fadris, and thei bowiden hem silf, and worschipiden God, aftirward the kyng. And David commanded all the assembly: Bless ye the Lord our God. And all the assembly blessed the Lord the God of their fathers: and they bowed themselves and worshipped God, and then the king.  
21Immolaveruntque victimas Domino: et obtulerunt holocausta die sequenti, tauros mille, arietes mille, agnos mille cum libaminibus suis, et universo ritu abundantissime in omnem Israël. And thei offriden slayn sacrifices to the Lord, and thei offriden brent sacrifices in the dai suynge; a thousynde boolis, and a thousynde rammes, and a thousynde lambren, with her fletynge sacrifices, and al the custom, most plenteuously, in to al Israel. And they sacrificed victims to the Lord: and they offered holocausts the next day, a thousand bullocks, a thousand rams, a thousand lambs, with their libations, and with every thing prescribed most abundantly for all Israel.  
22Et comederunt, et biberunt coram Domino in die illo cum grandi lætitia. Et unxerunt secundo Salomonem filium David. Unxerunt autem eum Domino in principem, et Sadoc in pontificem. And thei eten and drunken bifor the Lord in that dai, with greet gladnesse. And thei anoyntiden the secounde tyme Salomon, the sone of Dauid; and thei anoyntiden hym in to prince to the Lord, and Sadoch in to bischop. And they ate, and drank before the Lord that day with great joy. And they anointed the second time Solomon the son of David. And they anointed him to the Lord to be prince, end Sadoc to be high priest.  
23Seditque Salomon super solium Domini in regem pro David patre suo, et cunctis placuit: et paruit illi omnis Israël. And Salomon sat on the trone of the Lord in to kyng, for Dauid, his fadir; and it pleside alle men, and al Israel obeiede to hym. And Solomon sat on the throne of the Lord as king instead of David his father, and he pleased all: and all Israel obeyed him.  
24Sed et universi principes, et potentes, et cuncti filii regis David dederunt manum, et subjecti fuerunt Salomoni regi. But also alle princes, and myyti men, and alle the sones of kyng Dauid, yauen hond, and weren suget to Salomon the kyng. And all the princes, and men of power, and all the sons of king David gave their hand, and were subject to Solomon the king.  
25Magnificavit ergo Dominus Salomonem super omnem Israël: et dedit illi gloriam regni, qualem nullus habuit ante eum rex Israël. Therfor the Lord magnefiede Salomon on al Israel, and yaue to hym glorie of the rewme, what maner glorie no kyng of Israel hadde bifor hym. And the Lord magnified Solomon over all Israel: and gave him the glory of a reign, such as no king of Israel had before him.