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Worship at Jerusalem & Gibeon. 1Chr.16.37-43

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16 PARALIPOMENON I 1 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
37Reliquit itaque ibi coram arca fœderis Domini Asaph, et fratres ejus, ut ministrarent in conspectu arcæ jugiter per singulos dies, et vices suas. Therfor Dauid lefte there, bifor the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, Asaph and hise britheren, for to mynystre in the siyt of the arke contynueli bi alle daies and her whilis. So he left there before the ark of the covenant of the Lord, Asaph and his brethren to minister in the presence of the ark continually day by day, and in their courses. Worship at Jerusalem & Gibeon. 1Chr.16.37-43
38Porro Obededom, et fratres ejus sexaginta octo: et Obededom filium Idithun, et Hosa constituit janitores. Forsothe he ordeynede porteris, Obededom and hise britheren, eiyte and sixti, and Obededom, the sone of Idithum, and Oza. And Obededom, with his brethren sixty-eight: and Obededom the son of Idithun, and Hosa he appointed to be porters.  
39Sadoc autem sacerdotem, et fratres ejus sacerdotes, coram tabernaculo Domini in excelso, quod erat in Gabaon, Sotheli he ordeynede Sadoch preest, and hise britheren, preestis bifor the tabernacle of the Lord, in the hiy place that was in Gabaon, And Sadoc the priest, and his brethren priests, before the tabernacle of the Lord in the high place, which was in Gabaon.  
40ut offerrent holocausta Domino super altare holocautomatis jugiter, mane et vespere, juxta omnia quæ scripta sunt in lege Domini, quam præcepit Israëli. for to offre brent sacrifices to the Lord on the auter of brent sacrifice contynueli, in the morwetid and euentid, bi alle thingis that ben writun in the lawe of the Lord, which he comaundide to Israel. That they should offer holocausts to the Lord upon the altar of holocausts continually, morning and evening, according to all that is written in the law of the Lord, which he commanded Israel.  
41Et post eum Heman, et Idithun, et reliquos electos, unumquemque vocabulo suo ad confitendum Domino, quoniam in æternum misericordia ejus. And aftir hym Dauyd ordeynede Eman, and Idithum, and other chosene, ech man bi his name, for to knowleche to the Lord; for his mercy is withouten ende. And after him Heman, and Idithun, and the rest that were chosen, every one by his name to give praise to the Lord: because his mercy endureth for ever.  
42Heman quoque, et Idithun canentes tuba, et quatientes cymbala, et omnia musicorum organa et canendum Deo: filios autem Idithun fecit esse portarios. Also he ordeynede Eman, and Idithum, trumpynge, and schakynge cymbalis, and alle orguns of musikis, for to synge to God; forsothe he made the sones of Idithum to be portours, ether bereris. And Heman and Idithun sounded the trumpet, and played on the cymbals, and all kinds of musical instruments to sing praises to God: and the sons of Idithun he made porters.  
43Reversusque est omnis populus in domum suam: et David, ut benediceret etiam domui suæ. And al the puple turnede ayen in to her hows, and Dauid turnede ayen, to blesse also his hows. And all the people returned to their houses: and David to bless also his own house.