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The soldiers from Benjamin & Judah. 1Chr.12.16-18

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12 PARALIPOMENON I 1 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
16Venerunt autem et de Benjamin, et de Juda ad præsidium, in quo morabatur David. Sotheli also men of Beniamyn and of Juda camen to the stronge hoold, whereyn Dauid dwellide. And there came also of the men of Benjamin, and of Juda to the hold, in which David abode. The soldiers from Benjamin & Judah. 1Chr.12.16-18
17Egressusque est David obviam eis, et ait: Si pacifice venistis ad me ut auxiliemini mihi, cor meum jungatur vobis: si autem insidiamini mihi pro adversariis meis, cum ego iniquitatem in manibus non habeam, videat Deus patrum nostrorum, et judicet. And Dauid yede out ayens hem, and seide, If ye ben comyn pesible to me, for to helpe me, myn herte be ioyned to you; forsothe if ye setten aspies to me for myn aduersaries, sithen Y haue not wickidnesse in the hondis, God of our fadris se and deme. And David went out to meet them, and said: If you are come peaceably to me to help me, let my heart be joined to you: but if you plot against me for my enemies whereas I have no iniquity in my hands, let the God of our fathers see, and judge.  
18Spiritus vero induit Amasai principem inter triginta, et ait:
Tui sumus, o David;
et tecum, fili Isai.
Pax, pax tibi, et pax adjutoribus tuis:
te enim adjuvat Deus tuus.
Suscepit ergo eos David, et constituit principes turmæ.
Forsothe the spirit clothide Amasay, the prynce among thritti, and he seide,
A! Dauid, we ben thin,
and thou, sone of Ysai,
we schulen be with thee;
pees, pees to thee, and pees to thin helperis,
for thi Lord God helpith thee.
Therfor Dauid resseyuede hem, and made princes of the cumpeny.
But the spirit came upon Amasai the chief among thirty, and he said:
We are thine, O David,
and for thee, O son of Isai:
peace, peace be to thee, and peace to thy helpers.
For thy God helpeth thee.
So David received them, and made them captains of the band.
The soldiers from Manasseh. 1Chr.12.18-22