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David's Soldiers from Gad. 1Chr.12.8-15

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12 PARALIPOMENON I 1 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
8Sed et de Gaddi transfugerunt ad David cum lateret in deserto, viri robustissimi, et pugnatores optimi, tenentes clypeum et hastam: facies eorum quasi facies leonis, et veloces quasi capreæ in montibus: But also of Gaddi strongeste men, and beste fiyteris, holdynge scheld and spere, fledden ouer to Dauid, whanne he was hid in deseert; the faces of hem as the face of a lioun, and thei weren swift as CAPretis in hillis. From Gaddi also there went over to David, when he lay hid in the wilderness most valiant men, and excellent warriors, holding shield and spear: whose faces were like the faces of a lion, and they were swift like the roebucks on the mountains. David's Soldiers from Gad. 1Chr.12.8-15
9Ezer princeps, Obdias secundus, Eliab tertius, Ozer was the prince, Obdias the secounde, Eliab the thridde, Ezer the chief, Obdias the second, Eliab the third,  
10Masmana quartus, Jeremias quintus, Masmana the fourthe, Jeremye the fyuethe, Masmana the fourth, Jeremias the fifth.  
11Ethi sextus, Eliel septimus, Becchi the sixte, Heliel the seuenthe, Ethi the sixth, Eliel the seventh,  
12Johanan octavus, Elzebad nonus, Johannan the eiythe, Helzedad the nynthe, Johanan the eighth, Elzebad the ninth,  
13Jeremias decimus, Machbanai undecimus. Jeremye the tenthe, Bachana the euleuenthe; Jerenias the tenth, Machbani the eleventh,  
14Hi de filiis Gad principes exercitus: novissimus centum militibus præerat, et maximus, mille. these of the sones of Gad weren princes of the oost;
the laste was souereyn ouer an hundrid knyytis, and the moost was souereyn ouer a thousynde.
These were of the sons of Gad, captains of the army:
the least of them was captain over a hundred soldiers, and the greatest over a thousand.
15Isti sunt qui transierunt Jordanem mense primo, quando inundare consuevit super ripas suas: et omnes fugaverunt qui morabantur in vallibus ad orientalem plagam et occidentalem. These it ben that passiden ouer Jordan in the firste monethe, whanne it was wont to flowe ouer hise brynkis; and thei dryueden awei alle men that dwelliden in the valeis at the eest coost and west coost. These are they who passed over the Jordan in the first month, when it is used to how over its banks: and they put to flight all that dwelt in the valleys both toward the east and toward the west.