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People of East Manasseh. 1Chr.5.22-24

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5 PARALIPOMENON I 1 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
22Vulnerati autem multi corruerunt: fuit enim bellum Domini. Habitaveruntque pro eis usque ad transmigrationem. for many men weren woundid and felden doun; for it was the batel of the Lord. And thei dwelliden for Agarenus til to the conquest. And many fell down slain : for it was the battle of the Lord. And they dwelt in their stead till the captivity. People of East Manasseh. 1Chr.5.22-24
23Filii quoque dimidiæ tribus Manasse possederunt terram a finibus Basan usque Baal, Hermon, et Sanir, et montem Hermon: ingens quippe numerus erat. Also the sones of the half lynage of Manasses hadden in possessioun the lond, fro the endis of Basan til to Baal Hermon, and Sanyr, and the hil of Hermon; for it was a greet noumbre. And the children of the half tribe of Manasses possessed the land, from the borders of Basan unto Baal, Hermon, and Sanir, and mount Hermon, for their number was great.  
24Et hi fuerunt principes domus cognationis eorum: Epher, et Jesi, et Eliel, et Ezriel, et Jeremia, et Odoia, et Jediel, viri fortissimi et potentes, et nominati duces in familiis suis. And these weren the princes of the hows of her kynrede; Epher, and Jesi, and Heliel, and Esryel, and Jeremye, and Odoie, and Jedihel, strongeste men and myyti, and nemyd duykis in her meynees. And these were the heads of the house of their kindred, Epher, and Jesi, and Eliel, and Esriel, and Jeremia, and Odoia, and Jediel, most valiant and powerful men, and famous chiefs in their families.