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Armies of the eastern tribes. 1Chr.5.18-22

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5 PARALIPOMENON I 1 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
18Filii Ruben, et Gad, et dimidiæ tribus Manasse, viri bellatores, scuta portantes, et gladios, et tendentes arcum, eruditique ad prælia, quadraginta quatuor millia et septingenti sexaginta, procedentes ad pugnam. The sones of Ruben, and of Gad, and of half the lynage of Manasses, weren men werriours, berynge scheeldis and swerdis, and beendynge bouwe, and tauyt to batels, foure and fourti thousynde seuene hundrid and sixti, The sons of Ruben, and of Gad, and of the half tribe of Manasses, fighting men, bearing shields, and swords, and bending the bow, and trained up to battles, four and forty thousand seven hundred and threescore that went out to war. Armies of the eastern tribes. 1Chr.5.18-22
19Dimicaverunt contra Agareos: Ituræi vero, et Naphis, et Nodab and thei yeden forth to batel, and fouyten ayens Agarenus. Forsothe Ethureis, and Napheis, They fought against the Agarites: but the Itureans, and Naphis, and Nodab,  
20præbuerunt eis auxilium. Traditique sunt in manus eorum Agarei, et universi, qui fuerant cum eis, quia Deum invocaverunt cum præliarentur: et exaudivit eos, eo quod credidissent in eum. and Nadab, yauen help to hem; and Agarenus, and alle men that weren with hem, weren bitakun in to the hondis of Ruben, and Gad, and Manasses; for thei clepiden inwardli the Lord, while thei fouyten, and the Lord herde hem, for thei hadden bileuyd in to him. Gave them help. And the Agarites were delivered into their hands, and all that were with them, because they called upon God in the battle: and he heard them, because they had put their faith in him.  
21Ceperuntque omnia quæ possederant, camelorum quinquaginta millia, et ovium ducenta quinquaginta millia, et asinos duo millia, et animas hominum centum millia. And thei token alle thingis whiche Agarenus hadden in possessioun, fifti thousynde of camels, and twei hundrid and fifty thousynde of scheep, twei thousynde of assis, and an hundrid thousynde persoones of men; And they took all that they possessed, of camels fifty thousand, and of sheep two hundred and fifty thousand, and of asses two thousand, and of men a hundred thousand souls.  
22Vulnerati autem multi corruerunt: fuit enim bellum Domini. Habitaveruntque pro eis usque ad transmigrationem. for many men weren woundid and felden doun; for it was the batel of the Lord. And thei dwelliden for Agarenus til to the conquest. And many fell down slain : for it was the battle of the Lord. And they dwelt in their stead till the captivity. People of East Manasseh. 1Chr.5.22-24