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The two bronze columns. 1Kgs.7.15-22

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7 LIBER MALACHIM III REGUM 3 Kings - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 3 Kings - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
3Et tabulatis cedrinis vestivit totam cameram, quæ quadraginta quinque columnis sustentabatur. Unus autem ordo habebat columnas quindecim And he clothide al the chaumbir with wallis of cedris; which chaumbir was susteyned with fyue and fourti pileris. Sotheli oon ordre hadde fiftene pileris, set ayens hem silf togidere, And he covered the whole vault with boards of cedar, and it was held up with five and forty pillars. And one row had fifteen pillars, The two bronze columns. 1Kgs.7.15-22 | 2Chr.3.15-17
4contra se invicem positas, and biholdynge hem silf euene ayens, bi euene space bitwixe the pilers; Set one against another,  
5et e regione se respicientes, æquali spatio inter columnas, et super columnas quadrangulata ligna in cunctis æqualia. and on the pilers weren foure square trees, euene in alle thingis. And looking one upon another, with equal space between the pillars, and over the pillars were square beams in- all things equal.  
6Et porticum columnarum fecit quinquaginta cubitorum longitudinis, et triginta cubitorum latitudinis: et alteram porticum in facie majoris porticus: et columnas, et epistylia super columnas. And he made a porche of pilers of fifti cubitis of lengthe, and of thritti cubitis of breede; and he made an other porche in the face of the gretter porche; and he made pileris, and pomels on the pileris. And he made a porch of pillars of fifty cubits in length, and thirty cubits in breadth: and another porch before the greater porch: and pillars, and chapiters upon the pillars.  
7Porticum quoque solii, in qua tribunal est, fecit: et texit lignis cedrinis a pavimento usque ad summitatem. Also he maad a porche of the kyngis seete, in which the seete of doom was; and he hilide with trees of cedre, fro the pawment til to the hiynesse. He made also the porch of the throne, wherein is the seat of judgment: and covered it with cedar wood from the floor to the top.  
8Et domuncula, in qua sedebatur ad judicandum, erat in media porticu simili opere. Domum quoque fecit filiæ Pharaonis (quam uxorem duxerat Salomon) tali opere, quali et hanc porticum. And a litil hows, in which he sat to deme, was in the myddil porche, bi lijk werk. Also Salomon made an hows to the douyter of Farao, whom he hadde weddid, bi sich werk, bi what maner werk he made and this porche. And in the midst of the porch, was a small house where he sat in judgment, of the like work. He made also a house for the daughter of Pharao (whom Solomon had taken to wife) of the same work, as this porch,  
9Omnia lapidibus pretiosis, qui ad normam quamdam atque mensuram tam intrinsecus quam extrinsecus serrati erant: a fundamento usque ad summitatem parietum, et extrinsecus usque ad atrium majus. He made alle thingis of preciouse stoonys, that weren sawid at sum reule and mesure, bothe with ynne and with outforth, fro the foundement til to the hiynesse of wallis, and with ynne and til to the gretter street, ethir court. All of costly stones, which were sawed by a certain rule and measure both within and without: from the foundation to the top of the walls, and without unto the great court.