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David defeats the Ammonites & the Syrians. 2Sm.10.1-19

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10 LIBER SAMUHELIS II 2 Kings - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 2 Kings - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Factum est autem post hæc ut moreretur rex filiorum Ammon, et regnavit Hanon filius ejus pro eo. Forsothe it was doon aftir these thingis, that Naas, kyng of the sones of Amon, diede; and Anoon, his sone, regnede for hym. And Dauid seide, And it came to pass after this, that the king of the children of Ammon died, and Hanon his son reigned in his stead. David defeats the Ammonites & the Syrians. 2Sm.10.1-19 | 1Chr.19.1-19
2Dixitque David : Faciam misericordiam cum Hanon filio Naas, sicut fecit pater ejus mecum misericordiam. Misit ergo David, consolans eum per servos suos super patris interitu. Cum autem venissent servi David in terram filiorum Ammon, Y schal do mercy with Anon, the sone of Naas, as his fadir dide mercy with me. Therfor Dauid sente coumfortynge hym by hise seruauntis on the deeth of the fadir. Sotheli whanne the seruauntis of Dauid hadden come in to the lond of the sones of Amon, And David said: I Will shew kindness to Hanon the son of Daas, as his father shewed kindness to me. So David sent his servants to comfort him for the death of his father. But when the servants of David were come into the land of the children of Ammon,  
3dixerunt principes filiorum Ammon ad Hanon dominum suum : Putas quod propter honorem patris tui miserit David ad te consolatores, et non ideo ut investigaret, et exploraret civitatem, et everteret eam, misit David servos suos ad te ? princes of the sones of Amon seiden to Anon, her lord, Gessist thou that for the onour of thi fadir Dauid sente coumfortouris to thee; and not herfor Dauid sente hise seruauntis to thee, that he schulde aspie, and enserche the citee, and distrie it? The princes of the children of Ammon said to Hanon their lord: Thinkest thou that for the honour of thy father, David hath sent comforters to thee, and hath not David rather sent his servants to thee to search, and spy into the city, and overthrow it?  
4Tulit itaque Hanon servos David, rasitque dimidiam partem barbæ eorum et præscidit vestes eorum medias usque ad nates, et dimisit eos. Therfor Anoon took the seruauntis of Dauid, and schauyde half the part of the beerd of hem, and he kittide awey the myddil clothis of hem til to the buttokis; and lefte hem. Wherefore Hanon took the servants of David, and shaved off the one half of their beards, and cut away half of their garments even to the buttocks, and sent them away.  
5Quod cum nuntiatum esset David, misit in occursum eorum: erant enim viri confusi turpiter valde, et mandavit eis David: Manete in Jericho donec crescat barba vestra, et tunc revertimini. And whanne this was teld to Dauid, he sente in to the comyng of hem, for the men weren schent ful vilensly. And Dauid comaundide to hem, Dwelle ye in Jerico, til youre beerd wexe, and thanne turne ye ayen. When this was told David, he sent to meet them: for the men were sadly put to confusion, and David commanded them, saying: Stay at Jericho, till your beards be grown, and then return.  
6Videntes autem filii Ammon quod injuriam fecissent David, miserunt, et conduxerunt mercede Syrum Rohob, et Syrum Soba, viginti millia peditum, et a rege Maacha mille viros, et ab Istob duodecim millia virorum. Sotheli the sones of Amon sien, that thei hadden do wrong to Dauid, and thei senten, and hiriden bi meede Roob of Sirye, and Soba of Sirie, twenti thousynde of foot men, and of kyng Maacha, a thousynde men, and of Istob twelue thousynde of men. And the children of Ammon seeing that they had done an injury to David, Bent and hired the Syrians of Rohob, and the Syrians of Soba, twenty thousand footmen, and of the king of Maacha a thousand men, and of Istob twelve thousand men.  
7Quod cum audisset David, misit Joab et omnem exercitum bellatorum. And whanne Dauid hadde herd this, he sent Joab and al the oost of fiyteris. And when David heard this, he sent Joab and the whole army of warriors.  
8Egressi sunt ergo filii Ammon, et direxerunt aciem ante ipsum introitum portæ: Syrus autem Soba, et Rohob, et Istob, et Maacha, seorsum erant in campo. Therfor the sones of Amon yeden out, and dressiden scheltrun bifor hem in the entryng of the yate. Forsothe Soba, and Roob of Sirie, and Istob, and Maacha weren asidis half in the feeld. And the children of Ammon came out, and set their men in array at the entering in of the gate: but the Syrians of Soba, and of Rohob, and of Istob, and of Maacha were by themselves in the field.  
9Videns igitur Joab quod præparatum esset adversum se prælium et ex adverso et post tergum, elegit ex omnibus electis Israël, et instruxit aciem contra Syrum: Therfor Joab siy, that batel was maad redi ayens hym, bothe euene ayens and bihynde the bak; and he chees to hym silf of alle the chosun men of Israel, and ordeynede scheltrun ayens Sirus. Then Joab seeing that the battle was prepared against him, both before and behind, chose of all the choice men of Israel, and put them in array against the Syrians:  
10reliquam autem partem populi tradidit Abisai fratri suo, qui direxit aciem adversus filios Ammon. Forsothe he bitook to Abisai, his brothir, the tother part of the puple, which dresside scheltrun ayens the sones of Amon. And the rest of the people he delivered to Abisai his brother, who set them in array against the children of Ammon.  
11Et ait Joab: Si prævaluerint adversum me Syri, eris mihi in adjutorium: si autem filii Ammon prævaluerint adversum te, auxiliabor tibi. And Joab seide, If men of Sirie han the maistrie ayens me, thou schalt be to me in to help; sotheli if the sones of Amon han the maistrie ayens thee, Y schal helpe thee; And Joab said: If the Syrians are too strong for me, then thou shalt help me: but if the children of Ammon are too strong for thee, then I will help thee.  
12Esto vir fortis, et pugnemus pro populo nostro et civitate Dei nostri: Dominus autem faciet quod bonum est in conspectu suo. be thou a strong man, and fiyte we for oure puple, and for the citee of oure God; forsothe the Lord schal do that, that is good in his siyt. Be of good courage, and let us fight for our people, and for the city of our God: and the Lord will do what is good in his sight.  
13Iniit itaque Joab, et populus qui erat cum eo, certamen contra Syros: qui statim fugerunt a facie ejus. Therfor Joab and his puple that was with hym, bigan batel ayens men of Sirie, whiche fledden anoon fro his face. And Joab and the people that were with him, began to fight against the Syrians: and they immediately fled before him.  
14Filii autem Ammon videntes quia fugissent Syri, fugerunt et ipsi a facie Abisai, et ingressi sunt civitatem: reversusque est Joab a filiis Ammon, et venit Jerusalem. Forsothe the sones of Amon sien, that men of Sirie hadden fled; and thei fledden also fro the face of Abisai, and entriden in to the citee; and Joab turnede ayen fro the sones of Amon, and cam in to Jerusalem. And the children of Ammon seeing that the Syrians were fled, they fled also before Abisai, and entered into the city: and Joab returned from the children of Ammon, and came to Jerusalem.  
15Videntes igitur Syri quoniam corruissent coram Israël, congregati sunt pariter. Forsothe men of Sirye sien that thei hadden feld bifor Israel, and thei weren gaderid to gidere. Then the Syrians seeing that they had fallen before Israel, gathered themselves together.  
16Misitque Adarezer, et eduxit Syros qui erant trans fluvium, et adduxit eorum exercitum: Sobach autem, magister militiæ Adarezer, erat princeps eorum. And Adadezer sente, and ledde out men of Sirie that weren biyende the flood, and he brouyte the oost of hem; sotheli Sobach, mayster of the chyualrie of Adadezer, was the prince of hem. And Adarezer sent and fetched the Syrians, that were beyond the river, and brought over their army: and Sobach, the captain of the host of Adarezer, was their general.  
17Quod cum nuntiatum esset David, contraxit omnem Israëlem, et transivit Jordanem, venitque in Helam: et direxerunt aciem Syri ex adverso David, et pugnaverunt contra eum. And whanne this was teld to Dauid, he drow togidere al Israel, and passide Jordan, and cam in to Helama. And men of Sirie dressiden scheltrun ayens Dauid, and fouyten ayens hym. And when this was told David, he gathered all Israel together, and passed over the Jordan, and came to Helam: and the Syrians set themselves in array against David, and fought against him.  
18Fugeruntque Syri a facie Israël, et occidit David de Syris septingentos currus, et quadraginta millia equitum: et Sobach principem militiæ percussit, qui statim mortuus est. And Sireis fledden fro the face of Israel; and Dauid killide of Sireis seuene hundrid charis, and fourti thousynde of knyytis; and he smoot Sobach, the prince of chyualrie, which was deed anoon. And the Syrians fled before Israel, and David slew of the Syrians the men of seven hundred chariots, and forty thousand horsemen: and smote Sobach the captain of the army, who presently died.  
19Videntes autem universi reges, qui erant in præsidio Adarezer, se victos esse ab Israël, expaverunt et fugerunt quinquaginta et octo millia coram Israël. Et fecerunt pacem cum Israël : et servierunt eis, timueruntque Syri auxilium præbere ultra filiis Ammon. Forsothe alle kyngis, that weren in the help of Adadezer, siyen that thei weren ouercomun of Israel, and thei maden pees with Israel, and serueden hem; and Sireis dredden to yyue help to the sones of Amon. And all the kings that were auxiliaries of Adarezer, seeing themselves overcome by Israel, were afraid and fled away, eight and fifty thousand men before Israel. And they made peace with Israel: and served them, and all the Syrians were afraid to help the children of Ammon any more.