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11 LIBER SAMUHELIS I 1 Kings - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Kings - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Et factum est quasi post mensem, ascendit Naas Ammonites, et pugnare cœpit adversum Jabes Galaad. Dixeruntque omnes viri Jabes ad Naas: Habeto nos fœderatos, et serviemus tibi. And it was don as aftir a monethe, Naas of Amon stiede, and bigan to fiyte ayens Jabes of Galaad. And alle the men of Jabes seiden to Naas, Haue thou vs boundun in pees, and we schulen serue thee. And it came to pass about a month after this that Naas, the Ammonite came up, and began to fight against Jabes Galaad. And all the men of Jabes said to Naas: Make a covenant with us, and we will serve thee. Defeat of the Ammonites. 1Sm.11.1-15
2 Et respondit ad eos Naas Ammonites: In hoc feriam vobiscum fœdus, ut eruam omnium vestrum oculos dextros, ponamque vos opprobrium in universo Israël. And Naas of Amon answeride to hem, In this Y schal smyte boond of pees with you, that Y putte out the riyt iyen of alle you, and that Y sette you schenschip in al Israel. And Naas the Ammonite answered them: On this condition will I make a covenant with you, that I may pluck out all your right eyes, and make you a reproach in all Israel.  
3 Et dixerunt ad eum seniores Jabes: Concede nobis septem dies, ut mittamus nuntios ad universos terminos Israël, et si non fuerit qui defendat nos, egrediemur ad te. And the eldere men of Jabes seiden to him, Graunte thou to vs seuene daies, that we senden messangeris to alle the termes of Israel; and if noon be that defende vs, we schulen go out to thee. And the ancients of Jabes said to him: Allow us seven days, that we may send messengers to all the coasts of Israel: and if there be no one to defend us, we will come out to thee.  
4 Venerunt ergo nuntii in Gabaa Saulis: et locuti sunt verba hæc, audiente populo: et levavit omnis populus vocem suam, et flevit. Therfor messangeris camen in to Gabaad of Saul, and spaken these wordis, while the puple herde; and al the puple reiside her vois, and wepte. The messengers therefore came to Gabaa of Saul: and they spoke these words in the hearing of the people: and all the people lifted up their voices, and wept.  
5 Et ecce Saul veniebat, sequens boves de agro, et ait: Quid habet populus quod plorat? Et narraverunt ei verba virorum Jabes. And lo! Saul cam, and suede oxis fro the feeld; and he seide, What hath the puple, for it wepith? And thei telden to hym the wordis of men of Jabes. And behold Saul came, following oxen out of the field, and he said: What aileth the people that they weep? And they told him the words of the men of Jabes.  
6 Et insilivit spiritus Domini in Saul cum audisset verba hæc, et iratus est furor ejus nimis. And the Spirit of the Lord skippide in to Saul, whanne he hadde herd these wordis, and his woodnesse was wrooth greetli. And the spirit of the Lord came upon Saul, when he had heard these words, and his anger was exceedingly kindled.  
7 Et assumens utrumque bovem, concidit in frustra, misitque in omnes terminos Israël per manum nuntiorum, dicens : Quicumque non exierit, et secutus fuerit Saul et Samuel, sic fiet bobus ejus. Invasit ergo timor Domini populum, et egressi sunt quasi vir unus. And he took euer either oxe, and kittide in to gobetis, and sente in to alle the termes of Israel, bi the hondis of messangeris; and seide, Who euer goith not out, and sueth not Saul and Samuel, so it schal be don to hise oxun. Therfor the drede of the Lord asailide the puple, and thei yeden out as o man. And taking both the oxen, he cut them in pieces, and sent them into all the coasts of Israel by messengers, saying: Whosoever shall not come forth, and follow Saul and Samuel, so shall it be done to his oxen. And the fear of the Lord fell upon the people, and they went out as one man.  
8 Et recensuit eos in Bezech: fueruntque filiorum Israël trecenta millia, virorum autem Juda triginta millia. And he noumbride hem in Besech; and thre hundrid thousynd weren of the sones of Israel; forsothe of the men of Juda weren thretti thousynde. And he numbered them in Bezec: and there were of the children of Israel three hundred thousand: and of the men of Juda thirty thousand.  
9 Et dixerunt nuntiis, qui venerant : Sic dicetis viris, qui sunt in Jabes Galaad : Cras erit vobis salus, cum incaluerit sol. Venerunt ergo nuntii, et annuntiaverunt viris Jabes : qui lætati sunt. And thei seiden to the messangeris that camen, Thus ye schulen seie to the men that ben in Jabes of Galaad, To morew schal be helthe to you, whanne the sunne is hoot. Therfor the messangeris camen, and telden to the men of Jabes; whiche weren glad, And they said to the messengers that came: Thus shall you say to the men of Jabes Galaad: Tomorrow, when the sun shall be hot, you shall have relief. The messengers therefore came, and told the men of Jabes: and they were glad.  
10 Et dixerunt: Mane exibimus ad vos: et facietis nobis omne quod placuerit vobis. and seiden, Eerli we schulen go out to you, and ye schulen do to vs al that plesith you. And they said: In the morning we will come out to you: and you shall do what you please with us.  
11 Et factum est, cum dies crastinus venisset, constituit Saul populum in tres partes : et ingressus est media castra in vigilia matutina, et percussit Ammon usque dum incalesceret dies : reliqui autem dispersi sunt, ita ut non relinquerentur in eis duo pariter. And it was don, whanne the morewe dai cam, Saul ordeynede the puple in to thre partis; and he entride in to the myddil tentis in the wakyng of the morewtid, and he smoot Amon til the dai was hoot; forsothe the residues weren scaterid, so that tweyne togidere weren not left in hem. And it came to pass, when the morrow was come that Saul put the people in three companies: and he came into the midst of the camp in the morning watch, and he slew the Ammonites until the day grew hot, and the rest were scattered, so that two of them were not left together.  
12 Et ait populus ad Samuelem: Quis est iste qui dixit: Saul num regnabit super nos? Date viros, et interficiemus eos. And the puple seide to Samuel, Who is this, that seide, Saul schal not regne on vs? Yyue ye the men, and we schulen sle hem. And the people said to Samuel: Who is he that said: Shall Saul reign over us? Bring the men and we will kill them.  
13 Et ait Saul: Non occidetur quisquam in die hac, quia hodie fecit Dominus salutem in Israël. And Saul seide, No man schal be slayn in this dai, for to dai the Lord made helthe in Israel. And Saul said: No man shall be killed this day, because the Lord this day hath wrought salvation in Israel:  
14 Dixit autem Samuel ad populum: Venite, et eamus in Galgala, et innovemus ibi regnum. Forsothe Samuel seide to the puple, Come ye, and go we in to Galgala, and renule we there the rewme. And Samuel said to the people: Come and let us go to Galgal, and let us renew the kingdom there.  
15 Et perrexit omnis populus in Galgala, et fecerunt ibi regem Saul coram Domino in Galgala, et immolaverunt ibi victimas pacificas coram Domino. Et lætatus est ibi Saul, et cunctiviri Israël nimis. And al the puple yede in to Galgala, and there thei maden Saul kyng bifor the Lord in Galgala; and thei offriden pesible sacrifices bifor the Lord. And Saul was glad there, and alle the men of Israel greetli. And all the people went to Galgal, and there they made Saul king before the Lord in Galgal, and they sacrificed there victims of peace before the Lord. And there Saul and all the men of Israel rejoiced exceedingly