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12 HESTER Esther - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Esther - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Morabatur autem eo tempore in aula regis cum Bagatha et Thara eunuchis regis, qui janitores erant palatii. Forsothe Mardochee dwellide that tyme in the halle of the kyng, with Bagatha and Thara, oneste seruauntis of the kyng, that weren porteris of the paleis. And he abode at that time in the king's court with Bagatha and Thara the king's eunuchs, who were porters of the palace. Mordecai saves the king's life. Est.12.1-6
2 Cumque intellexisset cogitationes eorum, et curas diligentius pervidisset, didicit quod conarentur in regem Artaxerxem manus mittere, et nuntiavit super eo regi. And whanne he hadde vndurstonde the thouytis of hem, and hadde bifor seyn ful diligentli the bisynessis, he lurnyde that thei enforsiden to set hond on kyng Artaxerses, and he telde of that thing to the kyng. And when he understood their designs, and had diligently searched into their projects, he learned that they went about to lay violent hands on king Artaxerxes, and he told the king thereof.  
3 Qui de utroque, habita quæstione, confessos jussit duci ad mortem. And whanne enqueryng was had of euer eithir, the kyng comaundide hem, that knoulechiden, to be led to deth. Then the king had them both examined, and after they had confessed, commanded them to be put to death.  
4 Rex autem quod gestum erat, scripsit in commentariis: sed et Mardochæus rei memoriam litteris tradidit. Forsothe the kyng wroot in bookis that, that was doon, but also Mardochee bitook the mynde of the thing to lettris. But the king made a record of what was done: and Mardochai also committed the memory of the thing to writing.  
5 Præcepitque ei rex, ut in aula palatii moraretur, datis ei pro delatione muneribus. And the kyng comaundide hym, that he schulde dwelle in the halle of the paleis, and yaf to hym yiftis for the tellynge. And the king commanded him, to abide in the court of the palace, and gave him presents for the information.  
6 Aman vero filius Amadathi Bugæus erat gloriosissimus coram rege, et voluit nocere Mardochæo et populo ejus pro duobus eunuchis regis qui fuerant interfecti. Et diripuerunt bona, vel substantias eorum. Epistolæ autem hoc exemplar fuit. Forsothe Aaman, the sone of Amadathi, a bugei, was moost glorius bifor the kyng, and he wolde anoye Mardochee, and his puple, for the tweyne oneste seruauntis of the king that weren slayn. But Aman the son of Amadathi the Bugite was in great honour with the king, and sought to hurt Mardochai and his people, because of the two eunuchs of the king who were put to death.