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10 PARALIPOMENON II 2 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 2 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Profectus est autem Roboam in Sichem: illuc enim cunctus Israël convenerat ut constituerent eum regem. Forsothe Roboam yede forth in to Sichem; for al Israel came togidere thidur to make hym kyng. And Roboam went to Sichem: for thither all Israel were assembled, to make him king. The revolt of the northern tribes. REHOBOAM king only of Judah. 2Chr.10.1-19 | 1Kgs.12.1-20 
2 Quod cum audisset Jeroboam filius Nabat, qui erat in Ægypto (fugerat quippe illuc ante Salomonem), statim reversus est. And whanne Jeroboam, the sone of Nabath, that was in Egipt, for he fledde thidur bifor Salomon, hadde herd this, he turnyde ayen anoon. And when Jeroboam the son of Nabat, who was in Egypt, (for he was fled thither from Solomon,) heard it, forthwith he returned.  
3 Vocaveruntque eum, et venit cum universo Israël: et locuti sunt ad Roboam, dicentes: And thei clepiden hym, and he cam with al Israel, and thei spaken to Roboam, and seiden, And they sent for him, and he came with all Israel, and they spoke to Roboam, saying:  
4 Pater tuus durissimo jugo nos pressit: tu leviora impera patre tuo, qui nobis imposuit gravem servitutem, et paululum de onere subleva, ut serviamus tibi. Thi fadir oppresside vs with ful hard yok; comaunde thou liytere thingis than thi fader, that settide on vs a greuouse seruage; and releese thou a litil of the birthun, that we serue thee. And he seide, Thy father oppressed us with a most grievous yoke, do thou govern us with a lighter hand than thy father, who laid upon us a heavy servitude, and ease some thing of the burden, that we may serve thee.  
5 Qui ait: Post tres dies revertimini ad me. Cumque abiisset populus, After thre daies turne ye ayen to me. And whanne the puple was goon, he took counsel with elde men, And he said to them: Come to me again after three days. And when the people were gone,  
6 iniit consilium cum senibus qui steterant coram patre ejus Salomone dum adhuc viveret, dicens: Quid datis consilii ut respondeam populo? that stoden bifor his fadir Salomon, while he lyuyde yit, and seide, What counsel yyuen ye, that Y answere to the puple? He took counsel with the ancients, who had stood before his father Solomon, while he yet lived, saying: What counsel give you to me, that I may answer the people?  
7 Qui dixerunt ei: Si placueris populo huic, et leniveris eos verbis clementibus, servient tibi omni tempore. And thei seiden to hym, If thou plesist this puple, and makist hem softe bi meke wordis, thei schulen serue thee in al tyme. And they said to him: If thou please this people, and soothe them with kind words, they will be thy servants for ever.  
8 At ille reliquit consilium senum, et cum juvenibus tractare cœpit, qui cum eo nutriti fuerant, et erant in comitatu illius. And he forsook the counsel of elde men, and bigan to trete with yonge men, that weren nurischid with hym, and weren in his cumpenye. But he forsook the counsel of the ancients, end began to treat with the young men, that had been brought up with him, and were in his train.  
9 Dixitque ad eos: Quid vobis videtur? vel respondere quid debeo populo huic, qui dixit mihi: Subleva jugum quod imposuit nobis pater tuus? And he seide to hem, What semeth to you? ether what owe Y answere to this puple, that seide to me, Releese thou the yok, which thi fadir puttide on vs? And he said to them: What seemeth good to you? or what shall I answer this people, who have said to me: Ease the yoke which thy father laid upon us?  
10 At illi responderunt ut juvenes, et nutriti cum eo in deliciis, atque dixerunt: Sic loqueris populo, qui dixit tibi: Pater tuus aggravavit jugum nostrum, tu subleva: et sic respondebis ei: Minimus digitus meus grossior est lumbis patris mei. And thei answeriden, as yonge men and nurschyd with hym in delicis, and seiden, Thus thou schalt speke to the puple that seide to thee, Thi fadir made greuouse oure yok, releese thou; and thus thou schalt answere to hem, My leeste fyngur is gretter than the leendis of my fader; But they answered as young men, and brought up with him in pleasures, and said: Thus shalt thou speak to the people, that said to thee: Thy father made our yoke heavy, do thou ease it: thus shalt thou answer them: My little finger is thicker than the loins of my father.  
11 Pater meus imposuit vobis grave jugum, et ego majus pondus apponam; pater meus cecidit vos flagellis, ego vero cædam vos scorpionibus. my fadir puttide on you a greuouse yok, and Y schal leie to a gretter birthun; my fadir beet you with scourgis, forsothe Y schal bete you with scorpiouns, that is, hard knottid roopis. My father laid upon you a heavy yoke, and I will add more weight to it: my father beat you with scourges, but I will beat you with scorpions.  
12 Venit ergo Jeroboam et universus populus ad Roboam die tertio, sicut præceperat eis. Therfor Jeroboam and al the puple cam to Roboam in the thridde dai, as he hadde comaundid to hem. So Jeroboam, and all the people came to Roboam the third day, as he commanded them.  
13 Responditque rex dura, derelicto consilio seniorum: And the kyng answeride harde thingis, after that he hadde forsake the counsel of the eldere men, And the king answered roughly, leaving the counsel of the ancients.  
14 locutusque est juxta juvenum voluntatem: Pater meus grave vobis imposuit jugum, quod ego gravius faciam; pater meus cecidit vos flagellis, ego vero cædam vos scorpionibus. and he spak bi the wille of the yonge men, My fadir puttide on you a greuouse yok, which Y schal make greuousere; my fadir beet you with scourgis, sotheli Y schal bete you with scorpiouns. And he spoke according to the advice of the young men : My father laid upon you a heavy yoke, which I will make heavier: my father beat you with scourges, but I will beat you with scorpions.  
15 Et non acquievit populi precibus: erat enim voluntatis Dei ut compleretur sermo ejus quem locutus fuerat per manum Ahiæ Silonitis ad Jeroboam filium Nabat. And he assentide not to the preieris of the puple; for it was the wille of God, that his word schulde be fillid, which he hadde spoke bi the hond of Ahie of Silo to Jeroboam, sone of Nabath. And he condescended not to the people's requests: for it was the will of God, that his word might be fulfilled which he had spoken by the hand of Ahias the Silonite to Jeroboam the son of Nabat.  
16 Populus autem universus rege duriora dicente, sic locutus est ad eum:
Non est nobis pars in David,
neque hæreditas in filio Isai.
Revertere in tabernacula tua, Israël;
tu autem pasce domum tuam David.
Et abiit Israël in tabernacula sua.
Sotheli whanne the kyng seide hardere thingis, al the puple spak thus to hym,
No part is to vs in Dauid,
nether eritage in the sone of Isai;
Israel, turne thou ayen in to thi tabernaclis,
sotheli thou, Dauid, feede thin hows.
And Israel yede in to hise tabernaclis.
And all the people upon the king's speaking roughly, said thus unto him:
We have no part in David,
nor inheritance in the son of Isai.
Return to thy dwellings, O Israel,
and do thou, O David, feed thy own house.
And Israel went away to their dwellings.
17 Super filios autem Israël qui habitabant in civitatibus Juda, regnavit Roboam. Forsothe Roboam regnede on the sones of Israel, that dwelliden in the citees of Juda. But Roboam reigned over the children of Israel that dwelt in the cities of Juda.  
18 Misitque rex Roboam Aduram, qui præerat tributis, et lapidaverunt eum filii Israël, et mortuus est: porro rex Roboam currum festinavit ascendere, et fugit in Jerusalem. And kyng Roboam sente Adhuram, that was souereyn ouer the tributis; and the sones of Israel stonyden hym, and he was deed. Certis kyng Roboam hastide to stie in to the chare, and fledde in to Jerusalem. And king Roboam sent Aduram, who was over the tributes, and the children of Israel stoned him, and he died: and king Roboam made haste to gee up into his chariot, and fled into Jerusalem.  
19 Recessitque Israël a domo David, usque ad diem hanc. And Israel yede awei fro the hows of Dauid til to this dai. Forsothe it was doon, whanne al Israel hadde herd, that Jeroboam turnede ayen, thei senten, and clepiden hym, whanne the cumpeny was gaderid, and thei ordeyneden him king on al Israel; and no man, outakun the lynage of Juda aloone, suede the hows of Dauid. And Israel revolted from the house of David unto this day.