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21 LIBER MALACHIM III REGUM 3 Kings - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 3 Kings - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Post verba autem hæc, tempore illo vinea erat Naboth Jezrahelitæ, quæ erat in Jezrahel, juxta palatium Achab regis Samariæ. Forsothe after these wordis, in that tyme, the vyner of Naboth of Jezrael, that was in Jezrael, was bisidis the paleis of Achab, kyng of Samarye. And after these things, Naboth the Jezrahelite, who was in Jezrahel, had at that time a vineyard near the palace of Achab king of Samaria. Ahab - war with Benhadad, king of Syria. 1Kgs.20.1-22
2 Locutus est ergo Achab ad Naboth, dicens: Da mihi vineam tuam, ut faciam mihi hortum olerum, quia vicina est, et prope domum meam: daboque tibi pro ea vineam meliorem, aut si commodius tibi putas, argenti pretium, quanto digna est. Therfor Achab spak to Naboth, and seide, Yyue thou to me the vyner, that Y make to me a gardyn of wortis, for it is nyy, and nyy myn hows; and Y schal yyue to thee a betere vyner for it; ethir if thou gessist it more profitable to thee, Y schall yyue the prijs of siluer, as myche as it is worth. And Achab spoke to Naboth, saying: Give me thy vineyard, that I may make me a garden of herbs, because it is nigh, and adjoining to my house, and I will give thee for it a better vineyard: or if thou think it more convenient for thee, I will give thee the worth of it in money.  
3 Cui respondit Naboth: Propitius sit mihi Dominus, ne dem hæreditatem patrum meorum tibi. To whom Naboth answeride, The Lord be merciful to me, that Y yyue not to thee the eritage of my fadris. Naboth answered him: The Lord be merciful to me, and not let me give thee the inheritance of my fathers.  
4 Venit ergo Achab in domum suam indignans, et frendens super verbo, quod locutus fuerat ad eum Naboth Jezrahelites, dicens : Non dabo tibi hæreditatem patrum meorum. Et projiciens se in lectulum suum, avertit faciem suam ad parietem, et non comedit panem. Therfor Acab cam in to his hows, hauynge indignacioun, and gnastyng on the word which Naboth of Jezrael hadde spoke to him, and seide, Y schal not yyue to thee the eritage of my fadirs. And Achab castide doun him silf in to his bed, and turnede awei his face to the wal, and ete not breed. And Achab came into his house angry and fretting, because of the word that Naboth the Jezrahelite had spoken to him, saying: I will not give thee the inheritance of my fathers. And casting himself upon his bed, he turned away his face to the wall, and would eat no bread.  
5 Ingressa est autem ad eum Jezabel uxor sua, dixitque ei: Quid est hoc, unde anima tua contristata est? et quare non comedis panem? Forsothe Jezabel, his wijf, entride to hym, and seide to hym, What is this thing, wherof thi soule is maad sory? and whi etist thou not breed? And Jezabel his wife went in to him, and said to him: What is the matter that thy soul is so grieved? and why eatest thou no bread ?  
6 Qui respondit ei : Locutus sum Naboth Jezrahelitæ, et dixi ei : Da mihi vineam tuam, accepta pecunia : aut, si tibi placet, dabo tibi vineam meliorem pro ea. Et ille ait : Non dabo tibi vineam meam. Which answeride to hir, Y spak to Naboth of Jezrael, and Y seide to hym, Yyue thi vyner to me for money takun, ethir if it plesith thee, Y schal yyue to thee a betere vyner for it. And he seide, Y schal not yyue to thee my vyner. And he answered her: I spoke to Naboth the Jezrahelite, and said to him: Give me thy vineyard, and take money for it: or if it please thee, I will give thee a better vineyard for it. And he said: I will not give thee my vineyard.  
7 Dixit ergo ad eum Jezabel uxor ejus: Grandis auctoritatis es, et bene regis regnum Israël. Surge, et comede panem, et æquo animo esto: ego dabo tibi vineam Naboth Jezrahelitæ. Therfor Jezabel, his wijf, seide to hym, Thou art of greet auctorite, and thou gouernest wel Israel; rise thou, and ete breed, and be thou pacient, ethir coumfortid; Y schal yyue to thee the vyner of Naboth of Jezrael. Then Jezabel his wife said to him: Thou art of great authority indeed, and governest well the kingdom of Israel. Arise, and eat bread, and be of good cheer, I will give thee the vineyard of Naboth the Jezrahelite.  
8 Scripsit itaque litteras ex nomine Achab, et signavit eas annulo ejus, et misit ad majores natu, et optimates, qui erant in civitate ejus, et habitabant cum Naboth. Therfor sche wroot lettris in the name of Achab, and seelide tho with the ryng of hym; and sche sente to the grettere men in birthe, and to the beste men, that weren in the citee of hym, and dwelliden with Naboth. So she wrote letter's in Achab's name, and sealed them with his ring, and sent them to the ancients, and the chief men that were in his city, and that dwelt with Naboth.  
9 Litterarum autem hæc erat sententia: Prædicate jejunium, et sedere facite Naboth inter primos populi: Sotheli this was the sentence of the lettre; Preche ye fastyng, and make ye Naboth to sitte among the firste men of the puple; And this was the tenor of the letters: Proclaim a fast, and make Naboth sit among the chief of the people,  
10 et submittite duos viros filios Belial contra eum, et falsum testimonium dicant: Benedixit Deum et regem: et educite eum, et lapidate, sicque moriatur. and sende ye priueli twei men, the sones of Belial, ayens hym, and sey thei fals witnessyng, Naboth blesside God and the kyng; and lede ye out hym, and stoon ye him, and die he so. And suborn two men, sons of Belial against him, and let them bear false witness: that he hath blasphemed God and the king: and then carry him out, and stone him, and so let him die.  
11 Fecerunt ergo cives ejus majores natu et optimates, qui habitabant cum eo in urbe, sicut præceperat eis Jezabel, et sicut scriptum erat in litteris quas miserat ad eos: Therfor hise citeseyns, the grettere men in birthe, and the beste men that dwelliden with hym in the citee, diden as Jezabel hadde comaundid, and as it was writun in the lettris, whiche sche hadde sent to hem. And the men of his city, the ancients and nobles, that dwelt with him in the city, did as Jezabel had commanded them, and as it was written in the letters which she had sent to them:  
12 prædicaverunt jejunium, et sedere fecerunt Naboth inter primos populi. Thei prechiden fastyng, and maden Naboth to sitte among the firste men of the puple; They proclaimed a fast, and made Naboth sit among the chief of the people.  
13 Et adductis duobus viris filiis diaboli, fecerunt eos sedere contra eum : at illi, scilicet ut viri diabolici, dixerunt contra eum testimonium coram multitudine : Benedixit Naboth Deum et regem : quam ob rem eduxerunt eum extra civitatem, et lapidibus interfecerunt. and whanne twey men, sones of the deuel, weren brouyt, thei maden hem to sitte ayens hym, and thei, that is, as men of the deuel, seiden witnessyng ayens him bifor al the multitude, Naboth blesside God and the kyng; for which thing thei ledden hym with out the citee, and killiden him with stoonys. And bringing two men, sons of the devil, they made them sit against him: and they, like men of the devil, bore witness against him before the people, saying: Naboth hath blasphemed God and the king: wherefore they brought him forth without the city, and stoned him to death.  
14 Miseruntque ad Jezabel, dicentes: Lapidatus est Naboth, et mortuus est. And thei senten to Jezabel, and seiden, Naboth is stoonyd, and is deed. And they sent to Jezabel, saying: Naboth is stoned, and is dead.  
15 Factum est autem, cum audisset Jezabel lapidatum Naboth, et mortuum, locuta est ad Achab : Surge, et posside vineam Naboth Jezrahelitæ, qui noluit tibi acquiescere, et dare eam accepta pecunia : non enim vivit Naboth, sed mortuus est. Forsothe it was doon, whanne Jezabel hadde herd Naboth stonyd and deed, sche spak to Achab, Rise thou, take thou in possessioun the vyner of Naboth of Jezrael, which nolde assente to thee, and yyue it for money takun; for Naboth lyueth not, but is deed. And it came to pass when Jezabel heard that Naboth was stoned, and dead, that she said to Achab: Arise and take possession of the vineyard of Naboth the Jezrahelite, who would not agree with thee, and give it thee for money: for Naboth is not alive, but dead.  
16 Quod cum audisset Achab, mortuum videlicet Naboth, surrexit, et descendebat in vineam Naboth Jezrahelitæ, ut possideret eam. And whanne Achab hadde herd this, that is, Naboth deed, he roos, and yede doun in to the vyner of Naboth of Jezrael, to haue it in possessioun. And when Achab heard this, to wit, that Naboth was dead, he arose, and went down to the vineyard of Naboth the Jezrahelite, to take possession of it.  
17 Factum est igitur sermo Domini ad Eliam Thesbiten, dicens: Therfor the word of the Lord was maad to Elie of Thesbi, And the word of the Lord came to Elias the Thesbite, saying:  
18 Surge, et descende in occursum Achab regis Israël, qui est in Samaria: ecce ad vineam Naboth descendit, ut possideat eam. and seide, Rise thou, go doun in to the comyng of Achab, kyng of Israel, which is in Samarie; lo! he goith doun to the vyner of Naboth, that he haue it in possessioun. Arise, and go down to meet Achab king of Israel, who is in Samaria: behold he is going down to the vineyard of Naboth, to take possession of it:  
19 et loqueris ad eum, dicens : Hæc dicit Dominus : Occidisti, insuper et possedisti. Et post hæc addes : Hæc dicit Dominus : In loco hoc, in quo linxerunt canes sanguinem Naboth, lambent quoque sanguinem tuum. And thou schalt speke to hym, and thou schalt seie, The Lord God seith these thingis, Thou hast slayn, ferthermore and thou hast take in possessioun; and aftir these thingis thou schalt adde, In this place, wherynne doggis lickiden the blood of Naboth, thei schulen licke also thi blood. And thou shalt speak to him, saying: Thus saith the Lord: Thou hast slain, moreover also thou hast taken possession. And after these words thou shalt add: Thus saith the Lord: In this place, wherein the dogs have licked the blood of Naboth, they shall lick thy blood also.  
20 Et ait Achab ad Eliam: Num invenisti me inimicum tibi? Qui dixit: Inveni, eo quod venundatus sis, ut faceres malum in conspectu Domini. And Achab seyde to Elie, Whether thou hast founde me thin enemy? Which Elie seide, Y haue founde, for thou art seeld that thou schuldist do yuel in the siyt of the Lord. And Achab said to Elias: Hast thou found me thy enemy? He said: I have found thee, because thou art sold, to do evil in the sight of the Lord.  
21 Ecce ego inducam super te malum, et demetam posteriora tua, et interficiam de Achab mingentem ad parietem, et clausum et ultimum in Israël. Therfor the Lord seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal brynge yn on thee yuel, and Y schal kitte awey thin hyndrere thingis, and Y schal sle of Achab a pissere to the wal, and prisoned, and the laste in Israel; Behold I will bring evil upon thee, and I will cut down thy posterity, and I will kill of Achab him that pisseth against the wall, and him that is shut up, and the last in Israel.  
22 Et dabo domum tuam sicut domum Jeroboam filii Nabat, et sicut domum Baasa filii Ahia: quia egisti ut me ad iracundiam provocares, et peccare fecisti Israël. and Y schal yyue thin hows as the hows of Jeroboam, sone of Naboth, and as the hows of Baasa, sone of Ahia; for thou didist to excite me to wrathfulnesse, and madist Israel to do synne. And I will make thy house like the t house of Jeroboam the son of Nabat, and like the house of Baasa the son of Ahias: for what thou hast done, to provoke me to anger, and for making Israel to sin.  
23 Sed et de Jezabel locutus est Dominus, dicens: Canes comedent Jezabel in agro Jezrahel. But also the Lord spak of Jezabel, and seide, Doggis schulen ete Jezabel in the feeld of Jesrael; And of Jezabel also the Lord spoke, saying: The dogs shall eat Jezabel in the field of Jezrahel. Ahab - the second Syrian attack. 1Kgs.20.23-34
24 Si mortuus fuerit Achab in civitate, comedent eum canes: si autem mortuus fuerit in agro, comedent eum volucres cæli. if Achab schal die in the citee, doggis schulen ete hym; sotheli if he schal die in the feeld, briddis of the eyr schulen ete hym. If Achab die in the city, the dogs shall eat him: but if he die in the field, the birds of the air shall eat him.  
25 Igitur non fuit alter talis sicut Achab, qui venundatus est ut faceret malum in conspectu Domini: concitavit enim eum Jezabel uxor sua, Therfor noon other was sich as Achab, that was seeld to do yuel in the siyt of the Lord; for Jezabel his wijf excitide hym; Now there was not such another as Achab, who was sold to do evil in the sight of the Lord: for his wife Jezabel set him on,  
26 et abominabilis factus est, in tantum ut sequeretur idola quæ fecerant Amorrhæi, quos consumpsit Dominus a facie filiorum Israël. and he was maad abhomynable, in so myche that he suede the ydols that Ammorreis maden, which Ammorreis the Lord wastide fro the face of the sones of Israel. And he became abominable, insomuch that he followed the idols which the Amorrhites had made, whom the Lord destroyed before the face of the children of Israel.  
27 Itaque cum audisset Achab sermones istos, scidit vestimenta sua, et operuit cilicio carnem suam, jejunavitque et dormivit in sacco, et ambulavit demisso capite. Therfor whanne Achab hadde herd these wordis, he torente his cloth, and hilide his fleisch with an hayre, and he fastide, and slepte in a sak, and yede with the heed cast doun. And when Achab had heard these words, he rent his garments, and put haircloth upon his flesh, and fasted and slept in sackcloth, and walked with his head cast down.  
28 Et factus est sermo Domini ad Eliam Thesbiten, dicens: The word of the Lord was maad to Elie of Thesbi, and seide, Whethir thou hast not seyn Achab maad low bifor me? Therfor for he is maad low for the cause of me, Y schal not brynge yn yuel in hise daies, but in the daies of his sone Y schal bryng yn yuel to his hows. And the word of the Lord came to Elias the Thesbite, saying:  
29 Nonne vidisti humiliatum Achab coram me? quia igitur humiliatus est mei causa, non inducam malum in diebus ejus, sed in diebus filii sui inferam malum domui ejus. Therfor the kyng of Israel stiede, and Josaphat, kyng of Juda, in to Ramoth of Galaad. Hast thou not seen Achab humbled before me? therefore, because he hath humbled himself for my sake, I will not bring the evil in his days, but in his son's days will I bring the evil upon his house.