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49 LIBER BRESITH ID EST GENESIS Genesis - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Genesis - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Vocavit autem Jacob filios suos, et ait eis: Congregamini, ut annuntiem quæ ventura sunt vobis in diebus novissimis. Forsothe Jacob clepide hise sones, and seide to hem, Be ye gaderid that Y telle what thingis schulen come to you in the laste daies; And Jacob called his sons, and said to them: Gather yourselves together that I may tell you the things that shall befall you in the last days. Jacob's last words. Gn.49.1-28
2 Congregamini, et audite, filii Jacob,
audite Israël patrem vestrum:
be ye gaderid, and here, ye sones of Jacob,
here ye Israel youre fadir.
Gather yourselves together, and hear, O ye sons of Jacob,
hearken to Israel your father:
3 Ruben, primogenitus meus,
tu fortitudo mea, et principium doloris mei;
prior in donis, major in imperio.
Ruben, my firste gendrid sone,
thou art my strengthe and the bigynnyng of my sorewe;
thou ouytist to be the former in yiftis, the more in lordschip;
Ruben, my firstborn,
thou art my strength, and the beginning of my sorrow:
excelling in gifts, greater in command.
4 Effusus es sicut aqua, non crescas:
quia ascendisti cubile patris tui,
et maculasti stratum ejus.
thou art sched out as watir;
wexe thou not, for thou stiedist on the bed of thi fader,
and defoulidist his bed.
Thou art poured out as water, grow thou not:
because thou wentest up to thy father's bed,
and didst defile his couch.
5 Simeon et Levi fratres
vasa iniquitatis bellantia.
Symeon and Leuy, britheren,
fiytynge vessils of wickidnesse;
Simeon and Levi brethren:
vessels of iniquity, waging war.
6 In consilium eorum non veniat anima mea, et in cœtu illorum non sit gloria mea:
quia in furore suo occiderunt virum,
et in voluntate sua suffoderunt murum.
my soule come not in to the councel of hem,
and my glorie be not in the congregacioun of hem;
for in her woodnesse thei killiden a man,
and in her wille thei myneden the wal;
Let not my soul go into their counsel,
nor my glory be in their assembly:
"because in their fury they slew a man,
and in their selfwill they undermined a wall.
7 Maledictus furor eorum, quia pertinax:
et indignatio eorum, quia dura:
dividam eos in Jacob,
et dispergam eos in Israël.
curside be the woodnesse of hem, for it is obstynat,
and the indignacioun of hem for it is hard;
Y schal departe hem in Jacob,
and I schal scatere hem in Israel.
Cursed be their fury, because it was stubborn:
and their wrath because it was cruel:
I Will divide them in Jacob,
and will scatter them in Israel.
8 Juda, te laudabunt fratres tui:
manus tua in cervicibus inimicorum tuorum,
adorabunt te filii patris tui.
Judas, thi britheren schulen preise thee,
thin hondis schulen be in the nollis of thin enemyes;
the sones of thi fadir schulen worschipe thee.
Juda, thee shall thy brethren praise:
thy hands shall be on the necks of thy enemies:
the sons of thy father shall bow down to thee.
9 Catulus leonis Juda:
ad prædam, fili mi, ascendisti:
requiescens accubuisti ut leo,
et quasi leæna: quis suscitabit eum?
A whelp of lioun is Judas;
my sone thou stiedist to prey;
thou restidist, and hast leyn as a lioun,
and as a lionesse who schal reise hym?
Juda is a lion's whelp:
to the prey, my son, thou art gone up:
resting thou hast couched as a lion,
and as a lioness, who shall rouse him?
10 Non auferetur sceptrum de Juda,
et dux de femore ejus,
donec veniat qui mittendus est,
et ipse erit expectatio gentium.
The septre schal not be takun awey fro Juda,
and a duyk of his hipe,
til he come that schal be sent,
and he schal be abiding of hethene men;
The sceptre shall not be taken away from Juda,
nor a ruler from his thigh,
till he come that is to be sent,
and he shall be the expectation of nations.
11 Ligans ad vineam pullum suum,
et ad vitem, o fili mi, asinam suam,
avabit in vino stolam suam
et in sanguine uvæ pallium suum.
and he schal tye his colt at the vyner,
and his femal asse at the vyne;
A! my sone, he schal waische his stoole in wyn,
and his mentil in the blood of grape;
Tying his foal to the vineyard,
and his ass, 0 my son, to the vine.
He shall wash his robe in wine,
and his garment in the blood of the grape.
12 Pulchriores sunt oculi ejus vino,
et dentes ejus lacte candidiores.
hise iyen ben fairere than wyn,
and hise teeth ben whittere than mylk.
His eyes are more beautiful than wine,
and his teeth whiter than milk.
13 Zabulon in littore maris habitabit,
et in statione navium pertingens
usque ad Sidonem.
Zabulon schal dwelle in the brenk of the see,
and in the stondyng of schipis;
and schal stretche til to Sydon.
Zabulon shall dwell on the sea shore,
and in the road of ships,
reaching as far as Sidon.
14 Issachar asinus fortis accubans inter terminos. Isachar, a strong asse,
liggynge bitwixe termes,
Issachar shall be a strong ass
lying down between the borders.
15 Vidit requiem, quod esset bona et terram, quod optima: et supposuit humerum suum ad portandum, factusque est tributis serviens. seiy reste, that it was good and seiy the lond that it was best, and he vndirsettide his schuldre to bere, and he was maad seruynge to tributis.  
16 Dan judicabit populum suum
sicut et alia tribus in Israël.
Dan schal deme his puple,
as also another lynage in Israel.
Dan shall judge his people
like another tribe in Israel.
17 Fiat Dan coluber in via,
cerastes in semita,
mordens ungulas equi,
ut cadat ascensor ejus retro.
Dan be maad a serpent in the weie,
and cerastes in the path,
and bite the feet of an hors,
that the stiere therof falle bacward;
Let Dan be a snake in the way,
a serpent in the path,
that biteth the horse's heels
that his rider may fall backward.
18 Salutare tuum expectabo, Domine. Lord, Y schal abide thin helthe. I will look for thy salvation, 0 Lord.  
19 Gad, accinctus præliabatur ante eum: et ipse accingetur retrorsum. Gad schal be gird, and schal fiyte bifor hym, and he schal be gird bihynde. Gad, being girded, shall fight before him: and he himself shall be girded backward.  
20 Aser, pinguis panis ejus,
et præbebit delicias regibus.
Aser his breed schal be plenteuouse,
and he schal yyue delicis to kyngis.
Aser, his bread shall be fat,
and he shall yield dainties to kings.
21 Nephthali, cervus emissus,
et dans eloquia pulchritudinis.
Neptalym schal be an hert sent out,
and yyuynge spechis of fairenesse.
Nephtali, a hart let loose,
and giving words of beauty.
22 Filius accrescens Joseph,
filius accrescens et decorus aspectu:
filiæ discurrerunt super murum.
Joseph, a sone encreessynge,
a sone encresinge, and fair in biholdyng;
douytris runnen aboute on the wal,
Joseph is a growing son,
a growing son and comely to behold;
the daughters run to and fro upon the wall.
23 Sed exasperaverunt eum et jurgati sunt, invideruntque illi habentes jacula. but hise brithren wraththeden hym, and chidden,
and thei hadden dartis, and hadden enuye to hym.
But they that held darts provoked him,
and quarrelled with him, and envied him.
24 Sedit in forti arcus ejus,
et dissoluta sunt vincula brachiorum
et manuum illius per manus potentis Jacob:
inde pastor egressus est, lapis Israël.
His bowe sat in the stronge,
and the boondis of his armes,
and hondis weren vnboundun bi the hond of the myyti of Jacob;
of hym a scheepherd yede out, the stoon of Israel.
His bow rested upon the strong,
and the bands of his arms and his hands were loosed, by the hands of the mighty one of Jacob:
thence he came forth a pastor, the stone of Israel.
25 Deus patris tui erit adjutor tuus, et omnipotens benedicet tibi benedictionibus cæli desuper, benedictionibus abyssi jacentis deorsum, benedictionibus uberum et vulvæ. God of thi fadir schal be thin helpere,
and Almyyti God schal blesse thee
with blessyngis of heuene fro aboue,
and with blessyngis of the see liggynge binethe,
with blessyngis of tetis, and of wombe;
26 Benedictiones patris tui
confortatæ sunt benedictionibus patrum ejus,
donec veniret desiderium collium æternorum:
fiant in capite Joseph,
et in vertice Nazaræi inter fratres suos.
the blessyngis of thi fadir ben coumfortid, the blessyngis of his fadris,
til the desire of euerlastynge hillis cam;
blessyngis ben maad in the heed of Joseph,
and in the nol of Nazarei among his britheren.
The blessings of thy father
are strengthened with the blessings of his fathers:
until the desire of the everlasting hills should come;
may they be upon the head of Joseph,
and upon the crown of the Nazarite among his brethren.
27 Benjamin lupus rapax,
mane comedat prædam,
et vespere dividet spolia.
Beniamyn, a rauyschynge wolf,
schal ete prey eerly,
and in the euentid he schal departe spuylis.
Benjamin a ravenous wolf,
in the morning shall eat the prey,
and in the evening shall divide the spoil.
28 Omnes hi in tribubus Israël duodecim: hæc locutus est eis pater suus, benedixitque singulis benedictionibus propriis. Alle these weren in twelue kynredis of Israel; her fadir spak these thingys to hem, and blesside hem alle by propre blessyngis, All these are the twelve tribes of Israel: these things their father spoke to them, and he blessed every one, with their proper blessings.  
29 Et præcepit eis, dicens: Ego congregor ad populum meum: sepelite me cum patribus meis in spelunca duplici quæ est in agro Ephron Hethæi, and comaundide hem, and seide, Y am gaderid to my puple, birie ye me with my fadris in the double denne, which is in the lond of Efron Ethei, ayens Manbre, And he charged them, saying: I am now going to be gathered to my people : bury me with my fathers in the double cave, which is in the field of Ephron the Hethite, Jacob's death, embalming, burial at Machpelah. Gn.49.29-50.14
30 contra Mambre in terra Chanaan, quam emit Abraham cum agro ab Ephron Hethæo in possessionem sepulchri. in the lond of Canaan, which denne Abraham bouyte with the feeld of Efron Ethei, in to possessioun of sepulcre. Over against Mambre in the land of Chanaan, which Abraham bought to- gather with the field of Ephron the Hethite for a possession to bury in.  
31 Ibi sepelierunt eum, et Saram uxorem ejus: ibi sepultus est Isaac cum Rebecca conjuge sua: ibi et Lia condita jacet. There thei birieden hym, and Sare his wijf, also Ysaac was biried there with Rebecca his wijf; there also Lia liggith biried. There they buried him, and Sara his wife: there was Isaac buried with Rebecca his wife: there also Lia doth lie buried.  
32 Finitisque mandatis quibus filios instruebat, collegit pedes suos super lectulum, et obiit: appositusque est ad populum suum. And whanne the comaundementis weren endid, bi whiche he tauyte the sones, he gaderide hise feet on the bed, and diede, and he was put to his puple. And when he had ended the commandments, wherewith he instructed his sons, he drew up his feet upon the bed, and died: and he was gathered to his people."