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42 1 Then he took me to the outer court round by the north and brought me to the rooms facing the free space and facing the buildings to the north. 42 2 The length along the northern side was a hundred cubits, and the breadth fifty. 42 3 Facing the free space measuring twenty cubits, which adjoined the inner court, and facing the pavement of the outer court, were corridors in three levels corresponding to each other. 42 4 In front of the rooms a passage, ten cubits wide and a hundred cubits long, ran towards the inner court; their entrances faced northwards. 42 5 The upper rooms were shorter than the lower and middle rooms, because the corridors took building space from them. 42 6 For they were all at three levels and had no pillars as the courts had, so that the lower and middle levels were recessed from the ground upwards. 42 7 An outside wall, fifty cubits long, ran parallel to the rooms and in front of them, on the side of the outer court. 42 8 The rooms adjacent to the outer court were fifty cubits long, and those facing the sanctuary a hundred cubits. 42 9 Below these rooms was an entry from the east as one entered them from the outer court 42 10 where the wall of the court began begun: prob. rdg, Heb breadth. On the south side, passing by the free space and the building, were other rooms 42 11 with a passage in front of them. These rooms corresponded, in length and breadth and in general character, to those facing north, 42 12 whose exits and entrances were the same as those of the rooms on the south. As one prob. rdg, Heb they went eastwards, where the passages began, there was an entrance in the face of the inner prob. rdg, Heb word unknown wall.

42 13 Then he said to me, 'The northern and southern rooms facing the free space are the consecrated rooms where the priests who approach the LORD may eat the most sacred offerings. There they shall put these offerings as well as the grain-offering, the sin-offering, and the guilt-offering; for the place is holy. 42 14 When the priests have entered the Holy Place they shall not go into the outer court again without leaving here the garments they have worn while performing their duties, for these are holy. They shall put on other garments when they approach the place assigned to the people.'

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