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4 1 Man, take a tile and set it before you. Draw a city on it, the city of Jerusalem: 4 2 lay siege to it, erect watch-towers against it, raise a siege-ramp, put mantelets in position, and bring battering-rams against it all round. 4 3 Then take an iron griddle, and put it as a wall of iron between you and the city. Keep your face turned towards the city; it will be the besieged and you the besieger. This will be a sign to the Israelites.

4 4 Now lie on your left side, and I will lay Israel's iniquity on you; you shall bear their iniquity for as many days as you lie on that side. 4 5 Allowing one day for every year of their iniquity, I ordain that you bear it for one hundred and ninety days; thus you shall bear Israel's iniquity. 4 6 When you have completed all this, lie down a second time on your right side, and bear Judah's iniquity for forty days; I count one day for every year. 4 7 Then turn your face towards the siege of Jerusalem and bare your arm, and prophesy against it. 4 8 See how I tie you with ropes so that you cannot turn over from one side to the other until you complete the days of your distress.

4 9 Then take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt. Mix them all in one bowl and make your bread out of them. You are to eat it during the one hundred and ninety days you spend lying on your side. 4 10 And you must weigh out your food; you may eat twenty shekels' weight a day, taking it from time to time. 4 11 Measure out your drinking water too; you may drink a sixth of a hin a day, taking it from time to time. 4 12 You are to eat your bread baked like barley cakes, using human dung as fuel, and you must bake it where people can see you. 4 13 Then the LORD said, 'This is the kind of bread, unclean bread, that the Israelites will eat in the foreign lands into which I shall drive them.' 4 14 But I said, 'O Lord GOD, I have never been made unclean, never in my life have I eaten what has died naturally or been killed by wild beasts; no tainted meat has ever passed my lips.' 4 15 So he allowed me to use cow-dung instead of human dung to bake my bread.

4 16 Then he said to me, Man, I am cutting short their daily bread in Jerusalem; people will weigh out anxiously the bread they eat, and measure with dismay the water they drink. 4 17 So their food and their water will run short until they are dismayed at the sight of one another; they will waste away because of their iniquity.

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