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30 25 When Rachel had given birth to Joseph, Jacob said to Laban, 'Let me go, for I wish to return to my Own home and country. 30 26 Give me my wives and my children for whom I have served you, and I will go; for you know what service I have done for you.' 30 27 Laban said to him, 'Let me have my say, if you please. I have become prosperous and the LORD has blessed me for your sake. 30 28 So now tell me what I owe you in wages, and I will give it you.' 30 29 Jacob answered, 'You must know how I have served you, and how your herds have prospered under my care. 30 30 You had only a few when I came, but now they have increased beyond measure, and the LORD brought blessings to you wherever I went. But is it not time for me to provide for my family?' 30 31 Laban said, 'Then what shall I give you?', but Jacob answered, 'Give me nothing; I will mind your flocks prob. rdg, Heb adds I will watch as before, if you will do what I suggest. 30 32 Today I will go over your flocks and pick out from them every black lamb, and all the brindled and the spotted goats, and they shall be my wages. 30 33 This is a fair offer, and it will be to my own disadvantage later on, when we come to settling my wages: every goat amongst mine that is not spotted or brindled and every lamb that is not black will have been stolen.' 30 34 Laban said, 'Agreed ; let it be as you have said.' 30 35 But that day he removed the he-goats that were striped and brindled and all the spotted and brindled she-goats, all that had any white on them, and every ram that was black, and he handed them over to his own sons. 30 36 Then he put a distance of three days' journey between himself and Jacob, while Jacob was left tending those of Laban's flocks that remained.

30 37 Thereupon Jacob took fresh rods of white poplar, almond, and plane tree, and peeled off strips of bark, exposing the white of the rods. 30 38 Then he fixed the peeled rods upright in the troughs at the watering-places where the flocks came to drink; they faced the she-goats that were on heat when they came to drink. 30 39 They felt a longing for the rods and they gave birth to young that were striped and spotted and brindled. 30 40 As for the rams, Jacob divided them, and let the ewes run only with such of the rams in Laban's flock as were striped and black; and thus he bred separate flocks for himself, which he did not add to Laban's sheep. 30 41 As for the goats, whenever the more vigorous were on heat, he put the rods in front of them at the troughs so that they would long for the rods; 30 42 he did not put them there for the weaker goats. Thus the weaker came to be Laban's and the stronger Jacob's. 30 43 So Jacob increased in wealth more and more until he possessed great flocks, male and female slaves, camels, and asses.

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