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21 22 Now about that time Abimelech, with Phicol the commander of his army, addressed Abraham in these terms: 'God is with you in all that you do. 21 23 Now swear an oath to me in the name of God, that you will not break faith with me, my offspring, or my descendants. As I have kept faith with you, so shall you keep faith with me and with the country where you have come to live as an alien.' 21 24 Abraham said, 'I swear.'

21 25 It happened that Abraham had a complaint against Abimelech about a well which Abimelech's men had seized. 21 26 Abimelech said, 'I do not know who did this. You never told me, and I have heard nothing about it till now.' 21 27 So Abraham took sheep and cattle and gave them to Abimelech; and the two of them made a pact. 21 28 Abraham set seven ewe-lambs apart, and when 21 29 Abimelech asked him why he had set these lambs apart, 21 30 he said, 'Accept these from me in token that I dug this well.' 21 31 Therefore that place was called Beersheba That is Well of Seven and Well of an Oath, because there the two of them swore an oath. 21 32 When they had made the pact at Beersheba, Abimelech and Phicol the commander of his army returned at once to the country of the Philistines, and 21 33 Abraham planted a strip of ground Or planted a tamarisk at Beersheba. There he invoked the LORD, the everlasting God, by name, 21 34 and he lived as an alien in the country of the Philistines for many a year.

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