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18Then I will make a covenant on behalf of Israel with the wild beasts, the birds of the air, and the things that creep on the earth, and I will break bow and sword and weapon of war and sweep them off the earth, so that all living creatures may lie down without fear. 19I will betroth you to myself for ever, betroth you in lawful wedlock with unfailing devotion and love; 20I will betroth you to myself to have and to hold, and you shall know the LORD. 21At that time I will give answer, says the LORD, I will answer for the heavens and they will answer for the earth, 22and the earth will answer for the corn, the new wine, and the oil, and they will answer for Jezreel. 23Israel shall be my new sowing in the land, and I will show love to Lo-ruhamah and say to Lo-ammi, 'You are my people', and he will say, 'Thou art my God.'

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