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1 At that moment Michael shall appear,
Michael the great captain,
who stands guard over your fellow-countrymen;
and there will be a time of distress
such as has never been
since they became a nation till that moment.
But at that moment your people will be delivered Or will escape,
every one who is written in the book:

The time of the end. Dn.12.1-13
2 many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth will wake,
some to everlasting life
and some to the reproach of eternal abhorrence.

3 The wise leaders shall shine like the bright vault of heaven,
and those who have guided the people in the true path
shall be like the stars for ever and ever.

4 But you, Daniel, keep the words secret and seal the book till the time of the end. Many will be at their wits' end, and punishment will be heavy.'

5 And I, Daniel, looked and saw two others standing, one on this bank of the river and the other on the opposite bank.

6 And I said to the man clothed in linen who was above the waters of the river, 'How long will it be before these portents cease?'  
7 The man clothed in linen above the waters lifted to heaven his right hand and his left, and I heard him swear by him who lives for ever: 'It shall be for a time, times, and a half. When the power of the holy people ceases to be dispersed, all these things shall come to an end.'  
8 I heard but I did not understand, and so I said, 'Sir, what will the issue of these things be?'  
9 He replied, 'Go your way, Daniel, for the words are kept secret and sealed till the time of the end.  
10 Many shall purify themselves and be refined, making themselves shining white, but the wicked shall continue in wickedness and none of them shall understand; only the wise leaders shall understand.  
11 From the time when the regular offering is abolished and "the abomination of desolation" is set up, there shall be an interval of one thousand two hundred and ninety days.  
12 Happy the man who waits and lives to see the completion of one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days!  
13 But go your way to the end and rest, and you shall arise to your destiny at the end of the age.'  
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