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1 Listen to me, all who follow the right and seek the LORD:
look to the rock from which you were hewn,
to the quarry from which you were dug;

Words of comfort to Jerusalem. Is.51.1-16
2 look to your father Abraham
and to Sarah who gave you birth:
when I called him he was but one,
I blessed him and made him many.

3 The LORD has indeed comforted Zion,
comforted all her ruined homes,
turning her wilderness into an Eden,
her thirsty plains into a garden of the LORD.
Joy and gladness shall be found in her,
thanksgiving and melody.

4 Pay heed to me, my people,
and hear me, O my nation;
for my law shall shine forth
and I will flash the light of my judgement over the nations.

5 My victory is near, my deliverance has gone Or shone forth
and my arm shall rule the nations;
for me coasts and islands shall wait
and they shall look to me for protection.

6 Lift your eyes to the heavens,
look at the earth beneath:
the heavens grow murky as smoke;
the earth wears into tatters like a garment,
and those who live on it die like maggots;
but my deliverance is everlasting
and my saving power shall never wane.

7 Listen to me, my people who know what is right,
you who lay my law to heart:
do not fear the taunts of men,
let no reproaches dismay you;

8 for the grub will devour them like a garment
and the moth as if they were wool,
but my saving power shall last for ever
and my deliverance to all generations.

9 Awake, awake, put on your strength, O arm of the LORD,
awake as you did long ago, in days gone by.
Was it not you
who hacked the Rahab in pieces and ran the dragon through?

10 Was it not you
who dried up the sea, the waters of the great abyss,
and made the ocean depths a path for the ransomed?

11 So the LORD's people shall come back, set free,
and enter Zion with shouts of triumph,
crowned with everlasting joy;
joy and gladness shall overtake them as they come,
and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

12 I, I myself, am he that comforts you.
Why then fear man, man who must die,
man frail as grass?

13 Why have you forgotten the LORD your maker,
who stretched out the skies and founded the earth?
Why are you continually afraid, all the day long,
why dread the fury of oppressors ready to destroy you?
Where is that fury?

14 He that cowers under it shall soon stand upright and not die,
he shall soon reap the early crop and not lack bread.

15 I am the LORD your God, the LORD of Hosts is my name. I cleft the sea and its waves roared,

16 that I might fix the heavens in place and form the earth and say to Zion, 'You are my people.' I have put my words in your mouth and kept you safe under the shelter of my hand.

17 Awake, awake; rise up, Jerusalem.
You have drunk from the LORD's hand
the cup of his wrath,
drained to its dregs the bowl of drunkenness;

The end of Jerusalem's suffering. Is.51.17-23
18 of all the sons you have borne there is not one to guide you,
of all you have reared, not one to take you by the hand.

19 These two disasters have overtaken you;
who can console you?—
havoc and ruin, famine and the sword;
who can comfort you?

20 Your sons are in stupor, they lie at the head of every street,
like antelopes caught in the net,
glutted with the wrath of the LORD,
the rebuke of your God.

21 Therefore listen to this, in your affliction,
drunk that you are, but not with wine:

22 thus says the LORD, your Lord and your God,
who will plead his people's cause:
Look, I take from your hand
the cup of drunkenness;
you shall never again drink from the bowl of my wrath,

23 I will give it instead to your tormentors and oppressors,
those who said to you, 'Lie down and we will walk over you';
and you made your backs like the ground beneath them,
like a roadway for passers-by.

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