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1 Approach, you nations, to listen,
and attend, you peoples;
let the earth listen and everything in it,
the world and all that it yields;

God will punish his enemies. Is.34.1-17
2 for the LORD's anger is turned against all the nations
and his wrath against all the host of them:
he gives them over to slaughter and destruction.

3 Their slain shall be flung out,
the stench shall rise from their corpses,
and the mountains shall stream with their blood.

4 All the host of heaven shall crumble into nothing,
the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll,
and the starry host fade away,
as the leaf withers from the vine
and the ripening fruit from the fig-tree;

5 for the sword of the LORD the sword of the LORD: prob. rdg, Heb my sword appears in heaven.
See how it descends in judgement on Edom,
on the people whom he dooms prob. rdg, Heb I doom to destruction.

6 The LORD has a sword steeped in blood,
it is gorged with fat,
the fat of rams' kidneys, and the blood of lambs and goats;
for he has a sacrifice in Bozrah,
a great slaughter in Edom.

7 Wild oxen shall come down and buffaloes and buffaloes: prob. rdg, Heb omitted with them,
bull and bison together,
and the land shall drink deep of blood
and the soil be sated with fat.

8 For the LORD has a day of vengeance,
the champion of Zion has a year when he will requite.

9 Edom's torrents shall be turned into pitch
and its soil into brimstone,
and the land shall become blazing pitch,

10 which night and day shall never be quenched,
and its smoke shall go up for ever.
From generation to generation it shall lie waste,
and no man shall pass through it ever again.

11 Horned owl and bustard shall make their home in it,
screech-owl and raven shall haunt it.
He has stretched across it a measuring-line of chaos,

12 and its frontiers shall be a jumble of stones.
No king shall be acclaimed there,
and all its princes shall come to nought.

13 Thorns shall sprout in its palaces;
nettles and briars shall cover its walled towns.
It shall be rough land fit for wolves, a haunt of desert-owls.

14 Marmots shall consort with jackals,
and he-goat shall encounter he-goat.
There too the nightjar shall rest
and find herself a place for repose.

15 There the sand-partridge shall make her nest,
lay her eggs and hatch them
and gather her brood under her wings;
there shall the kites gather,
one after another.

16 Consult the book of the LORD and read it:
not one of these shall be lacking,
not one miss its fellow,
for with his own mouth he has ordered it
and with his own breath he has brought them together.

17 He it is who has allotted each its place,
and his hand has measured out their portions;
they shall occupy it for ever
and dwell there from generation to generation.

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