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1 BABYLON: AN ORACLE which Isaiah son of Amoz received in a vision.

God will punish Babylon. Is.13.1-22
2 Raise the standard on a windy height,
roar out your summons,
beckon with arm upraised to the advance,
draw your swords, you nobles.

3 I have given my warriors their orders
and summoned my fighting men to launch my anger;
they are eager for my triumph.

4 Hark, a tumult in the mountains, the sound of a vast multitude;
hark, the roar of kingdoms, of nations gathering!
The LORD of Hosts is mustering a host for war,

5 men from a far country, from beyond the horizon.
It is the LORD with the weapons of his wrath
coming to lay the whole land waste.

6 Howl, for the Day of the LORD is at hand,
it comes, a mighty blow from Almighty God.

7 Thereat shall every hand hang limp,
every man's courage shall melt away,

8 his stomach hollow with fear;
anguish shall grip them, like a woman in labour.
One man shall look aghast at another,
and their faces shall burn with shame.

9 The Day of the LORD is coming indeed,
that cruel day of wrath and fury,
to make the land a desolation
and exterminate its wicked people.

10 The stars of heaven in their constellations shall give no light,
the sun shall be darkened at its rising,
and the moon refuse to shine.

11 I will bring disaster upon the world
and their due punishment upon the wicked.
I will check the pride of the haughty
and bring low the arrogance of ruthless men.

12 I will make men scarcer than fine gold,
rarer than gold of Ophir.

13 Then the heavens shall shudder prob. rdg, Heb Then I will make the heavens shudder,
and the earth shall be shaken from its place
at the fury of the LORD of Hosts, on the day of his anger.

14 Then, like a gazelle before the hunter
or a flock with no man to round it up,
each man will go back to his own people,
every one will flee to his own land.

15 All who are found will be stabbed,
all who are taken will fall by the sword;

16 their infants will be dashed to the ground before their eyes,
their houses rifled and their wives ravished.

17 I will stir up against them the Medes,
who care nothing for silver and are not tempted by gold prob. rdg, Heb adds bows shall dash young men to the ground,

18 who have no pity on little children
and spare no mother's son;

19 and Babylon, fairest of kingdoms,
proud beauty of the Chaldaeans,
shall be like Sodom and Gomorrah
when God overthrew them.

20 Never again shall she be inhabited,
no man shall dwell in her through all the ages;
there no Arab shall pitch his tent,
no shepherds fold their flocks.

21 There marmots shall have their lairs,
and porcupines shall overrun her houses;
there desert owls shall dwell,
and there he-goats shall gambol;

22 jackals shall occupy her mansions prob. rdg, Heb her widows,
and wolves her gorgeous palaces.
Her time draws very near,
and her days have not long to run.

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