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15 Esther Reference
On the third day, when she ended her prayer, she took off the garments in which she had worshipped, and arrayed herself in splendid attire. 
Then, majestically adorned, after invoking the aid of the all-seeing God and Saviour, she took her two maids with her,Esther goes to the king. Est.15.2-12
leaning daintily on one, 
while the other followed carrying her train. 
She was radiant with perfect beauty, and she looked happy, as if beloved, but her heart was frozen with fear. 
When she had gone through all the doors, she stood before the king. He was seated on his royal throne, clothed in the full array of his majesty, all covered with gold and precious stones. And he was most terrifying. 
Lifting his face, flushed with splendor, he looked at her in fierce anger. And the queen faltered, and turned pale and faint, and collapsed upon the head of the maid who went before her. 
Then God changed the spirit of the king to gentleness, and in alarm he sprang from his throne and took her in his arms until she came to herself. And he comforted her with soothing words, and said to her, 
"What is it, Esther? I am your brother. Take courage; 
you shall not die, for our law applies only to the people. Come near." 
Then he raised the golden scepter and touched it to her neck; 
and he embraced her, and said, "Speak to me." 
And she said to him, "I saw you, my lord, like an angel of God and my heart was shaken with fear at your glory. 
For you are wonderful, my lord, and your countenance is full of grace." 
But as she was speaking, she fell fainting. 
And the king was agitated, and all his servants sought to comfort her. 
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